MLW Fusion Results & 7 Takeaways (4/18/20)


The MLW vs AAA Super Series continued this week on Fusion.

Major League Wrestling presented its 2nd show as part of the AAA vs MLW Super Series. The event was held in Tijuana, Mexico and this week’s show featured 2 more matches in the series.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 4/18/20 Quick Results:

  • Averno defeated Douglas James (AAA leads 2:1)
  • Team Filthy (Dominic Garrini & Tom Lawlor) defeated Xtreme Tiger & Puma King (Tied 2:2)
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Updated AAA vs MLW Series Score: Tied 2-2

Team Filthy Coming For Tag Gold

After King Mo’s suspension was upheld, Tom Lawlor said Team Filthy would adapt. He also said that he and Dominic Garrini would form a tag team with the goal of relieving the Von Erich brothers of the MLW tag titles. This week, Garrini and Lawlor teamed up against Xtreme Tiger and Puma King. Team Filthy broke out some new double-team moves this week but in the end, it would be a basic rear-naked choke from Lawlor that would earn his team the victory.

There was some confusion at the end of the match as the referee didn’t signal for the bell right away after Tiger tapped. The referee immediately attempted to pry Lawlor off the luchador and neglected to ring for the bell until after Lawlor relented. Earlier in the contest, the referee had disallowed a blind tag by Team Filthy as well. There were concerns about AAA-bias from the officials in the night’s opening contest as well.

Averno KO’s Douglas James

The night’s opening contest saw Douglas James of MLW take on AAA’s Averno. After Averno took the early advantage, throwing his opponent through a table on the outside and delivering a buckle bomb inside the ring, James then took control. James’ comeback led to a beautiful Meteora which looked to have his opponent finished. An extremely slow count from the referee allowed Averno time to recover, however.

In Mexico, it is not uncommon for a referee to show a little bias and it looks as though that is what happened here. After Averno recovered he delivered a massive forearm to James, knocking him out and ending the match.

Alexander Hammerstone Eats Cake After Brawl With O’l Mancer

The rivalry between the Dynasty and Mance Warner continued this week as O’l Mancer caught up with Hammerstone in the back. The two brawled throughout the arena until they hit a locker room where Alicia Atout’s birthday celebrations were ongoing. Just as Savio Vega, Brian Pillman, and Alicia Atout were going to enjoy some birthday cake, Hammerstone and Warner’s brawl spilled into the room. Warner ended up throwing Hammerstone face-first into the cake. The show ended as Vega and Pillman ate from the part of the cake that Hammerstone’s face didn’t smash into.

Brian Pillman Jr. Cleared To Compete Next Week

Brian Pillman Jr. was the victim of a vicious assault at the hands of Injustice recently. The trio smashed his head against a cinder block but miraculously, Pillman has been cleared to compete next week. Davey Boy Smith Jr. announced that Pillman will be back next week and the two Hart Foundation members will compete in tag action. He also suggested that Pillman knew “the right doctors” and that is how he got cleared.

Pillman being cleared infuriated the members of Injustice. The trio should be more worried about their upcoming shot at the AAA trios titles against Los Jinetes del Aire (El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr.), however. That match will air in the coming weeks on Fusion.

MLW Top-10 Rankings

There was no change to the MLW top-10 rankings this week.

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)

  1. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) (Dynasty)
  2. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Opera Cup Winner) (Hart Foundation)
  3. Myron Reed (Middleweight Champion) (Injustice)
  4. Brian Pillman Jr. (Hart Foundation)
  5. Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy)
  6. King Mo (Team Filthy)
  7. Mance Warner
  8. Richard Holliday (Dynasty)
  9. Low-Ki
  10. Dominic Garrini (Team Filthy)

Richard Holliday To Defend “His” Caribbean Title Against Chessman

Richard Holliday was interviewed this week alongside Alexander Hammerstone. Holliday will defend “his” Caribbean Championship next week against Chessman. He seemed not to know who Chessman is and did not seem overly concerned about the match. Holliday has also been lobbying as of late for the Caribbean title to be made an official championship of MLW.

Pagano Gunning For Jacob Fatu

Last week on Fusion, Pagano was involved in a hardcore battle on Fusion. This week, he cut a promo in the back where he specifically made mention of MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu. Pagano has promised to bring carnage to MLW and it appears he may have his sights already set on the world champion.