Becky Lynch Reveals When Her Baby Is Due, In-Ring Future Uncertain


Becky Lynch opened up.

Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch spoke with following the big news she shared on Monday’s episode of RAW. 

Lynch had to vacate the championship because she is pregnant with her first child. She’s been engaged to Seth Rollins since August. 

In this interview, Lynch said she learned she was pregnant in April and that the baby is due in December. 

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Lynch also stated that she won’t be making a decision regarding her in-ring future yet

“It’s just such a joyous time and then such a sad time too. I loved this and I’ve given my life to this. I’ve achieved everything that I want to achieve in this business,” she explained.

“I don’t know what the next chapter is because I only know what it’s like to think for myself when I’m by myself,” the WWE star continued. “So I don’t know what it’ll look like and how my priorities shift and what I’m going to want in the future. So, everything’s open.”

Lynch also talked about how she went through a number of pregnancy tests in April because the first test came out negative. However, she had believed that she might be pregnant and bought more until a digital test that confirmed what she suspected.

Lynch recalled being with Rollins when she took the test and he just threw his hands up in the air as he was excited.