WWE RAW Results (5/11): Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy, Orton Challenges Edge


WWE RAW aired from the Performance Center tonight. It was the first episode following Money in the Bank.

WWE RAW Results (5/11)

  1. Bobby Lashley def. Humberto Carrillo via submission
  2. Angel Garza def. Akira Tozawa
  3. Drew McIntyre def. Andrade
  4. The IIconics def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
  5. Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, R-Truth def. Shane Thorne, Brendan Vink, MVP
  6. Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black def. Seth Rollins & Murphy via DQ
  7. Shayna Baszler def. Natalya

Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s show:

Becky Lynch Announces She Is Pregnant, Asuka Is The New RAW Women’s Champion

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RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came down to the ring holding the women’s MITB briefcase. Lynch placed in on a table set up in the ring and grabbed a microphone. The Man was emotional and said that she is at a very difficult point in her life. Becky started crying and said that she didn’t know if anyone in this country would care about her but she found out that they did.

Lynch thanked the fans and said that they deserve to hear this from her first. Becky said she has to go away for a while and Asuka interrupted. Asuka came down to the ring and started shouting at Lynch. Becky told Asuka that she has beaten her when nobody else could and that she has been the best wrestler in the world.

Becky told Asuka that the match last night wasn’t for an opportunity to win the title, it was for so much more. Becky opened the briefcase and revealed that the RAW Women’s Championship was in the briefcase. Lynch stated that she cannot fight anymore and Asuka is the champion.

Asuka celebrated with the title and started running around the ring as Lynch cried in the ring. Becky congratulated Asuka and announced that she is leaving to go be a mother.

Becky was congratulated by Rey Mysterio (apparently being thrown off a roof is no big deal), Natalya, Street Profits, Bianca Belair, Ricochet, Liv Morgan, Cedric Alexander, R-Truth, Kairi Sane, Akira Tozawa, and other superstars backstage.

Bobby Lashley Tapped Out Humberto Carrillo

Bobby Lashley. Image Credit: WWE.com
Bobby Lashley. Image Credit: WWE.com

Bobby Lashley battled Humberto Carrillo in a No DQ match tonight on RAW.

Match Recap: Lashley dominated the action early and set up for a Spear. Humberto dodged it and sent Bobby tumbling out of the ring. Lashley grabbed a chair but Humberto hit the chair into his face with a Dropkick as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Lashley was back in control and was beating down Carrillo and the corner of the ring. Humberto battled back and connected with a Dropkick off the second rope. Carrillo followed it up with an Enziguri that knocked Lashley out of the ring. Humberto went for a Crossbody but Bobby caught him and bashed him into the ring post.

Bobby tried to hit Carrillo with a chair but Humberto ducked. Carrillo grabbed the steel chair and beat the hell out of Lashley. Back in the ring, Lashley locked in a Full Nelson for a submission victory.

Drew McIntyre Will Battle King Corbin Next Week

Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa in a squash match. After the match, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre came down to the ring as Garza, Theory, and Vega were arguing in the ring.

McIntyre hit Theory with a Claymore and did the same to Garza. McIntyre and Andrade started arguing in the ring as RAW went to a break. McIntyre then battled Andrade in a non-title match.

Match Recap: McIntyre dominated early and slammed Andrade on the ring apron. Andrade battled back and locked in an Armbreaker across the ropes. McIntyre hit a boot to the face and made his way to the top rope. Drew connected with a Flying Clothesline and followed it up with a Powerbomb for a near fall. Andrade sent McIntyre into the turnbuckle and then hit Double Knees for a one count. McIntyre hit a reverse Alabama Slam and then a Claymore Kick for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Drew McIntyre cut a promo and said his match with Seth Rollins was a hell of a fight. McIntyre announced that SmackDown’s King Corbin will come to RAW and battle next week.

Seth Rollins Snapped & Brutally Attacked Rey Mysterio

Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio teamed up against Seth Rollins and Murphy.

Match Recap: Rollins stared off into the distance as Black and Mysterio took turns beating Murphy down. Aleister connected with a kick to the face and went for the cover but Murphy kicked out at two.

Murphy pleaded for a tag but Rollins just stood there. Rollins stared at Aleister for moment and Murphy capitalized with a Dropkick that sent Black into the ring post as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Mysterio hit Murphy with a Hurricanrana into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rey went for a Crossbody but Murphy countered into a roll-up for a two count. Mysterio went for the 619 but Seth caught him. Rollins launched Mysterio into the barricade and the ref called for the bell.

Rollins set up Mysterio on the steel steps and demanded that Rey stay back. Seth then brutally shove Rey’s eye into a corner of the steel steps and had a deranged look on his face while doing so.

Opinion: I was not ready for this spot at all. Rollins psychotic face and the blood pouring out of Rey’s face caught me completely off guard and it was awesome. It made no sense why the referee called for the bell and disqualified Rollins. Despite that, this was easily the best part of the night so far.

Rollins tried to apologize to Rey backstage but Mysterio was dragged away by WWE‘s medical staff. Aleister Black and Murphy then brawled backstage before security arrived.

Orton Challenged Edge To A Match At Backlash

Edge came down to the ring in the final segment of this week’s RAW. He stated that he came back here to retire on his terms and wondered what is next. Edge claimed WrestleMania was not the end for him and brought up RAW airing a promo package that he was coming to hunt Orton.

Edge added that he got his closure at WrestleMania and is ready to move on. Randy Orton interrupted and joined Edge in the ring. Orton walked up to Edge and said congratulations. Randy added that the better man won at WrestleMania and exited the ring.

Orton stopped on the entrance ramp and started laughing. Randy slid back into the ring and said while it is true that the better man won at WrestleMania but the better wrestler didn’t. Orton noted that maybe he didn’t get back up after the 10 count at WrestleMania but it didn’t take him 9-years.

Randy questioned if Edge can compete in a traditional wrestling match anymore and claimed to see doubt in his eyes. Orton said that all of Edge‘s grit doesn’t come close to his natural ability. Orton challenged Edge to a match at Backlash in a traditional wrestling match. Charly asked if Edge had a response but he just stood in silence. Charly Caruso then stated that this could be the greatest wrestling match ever as RAW went off the air.

Opinion: I’m down for another Edge and Orton match as I found their Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania to be disappointing. I am sure that their match at Backlash will be much better. The Viking Raiders and Street Profits playing basketball just highlights the terrible state of the tag team division on the main roster.

I don’t find Drew McIntyre versus King Corbin to be a selling point for next week’s show at all. I can think of a bunch of superstars I’d rather see McIntyre wrestle than Corbin. Congratulations to Becky Lynch, but her leaving creates a huge void in the women’s division on RAW. Hopefully, Asuka gets a solid title reign and can help build up other superstars along the way.