Xavier Woods Talks “Greatest Moment In Wrestling” With Kofi Kingston


The New Day member talks Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35

WWE Superstar and host of UpUpDownDown Xavier Woods recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast.

During the interview with James Delow, Xavier Woods would discuss a number of topics during his time with WWE. These included his New Day run, the creation of UpUpDownDown and his eventual return from injury.

One of the points raised during the interview was Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship win at WrestleMania 35. Woods would discuss how emotional the moment was for him, Big E and Kingston when Kofi beat Daniel Bryan to win the Championship.

A Lot of Emotions

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“It’s a lot of emotions and I…it always comes up when we’re talking about this, that picture of Big E and me holding Kofi and I’m bawling uncontrollably” Woods would begin. “Because it’s super meaningful for a lot of reasons.”

Xavier Woods would then talk about the importance of Kofi becoming the first ever African-born WWE Champion. Woods would also discuss representation in pro wrestling, saying how previously he felt there wasn’t someone who represented him as a young black man watching the product. “As a kid growing up? There wasn’t always someone in the limelight that represented me and the way that I look.”

Xavier Woods on the Angle

Woods elaborated further, saying “to be able to be a part of this angle? Of the story? Where I am able to help prop up the person who is able to be that for this next generation of kids? I have not done anything in my career that has meant more than that. And I will most likely not do anything in my career that will mean more than that moment.”

The creator of UpUpDownDown would then describe the moment with Kofi as “perfect.” Using the analogy of blackjack and saying that they hit 21 with the angle. “There’s not many moments in wrestling that I would say are perfect. That was perfect. When I tell people that wrestling is incredible? Like, that’s what I’m trying to say like, no, you’re not always gonna land on 21 when you’re playing blackjack. But, you know, as long as you can stay around like 17/19? You’re okay. But that was 21, that was the best that could possibly have been done.”

Woods would finish by saying how to him it’s the greatest moment in pro wrestling. “And so that’s the greatest moment in wrestling, to me, just for the personal reasons. But then, also being able to be in in wrestling in that time where so many things had to come together for that most perfect moment.”

It’s importance of Kofi’s win at WrestleMania 35 is undeniable. Even with the way in which Brock Lesnar would defeat Kingston to take the title? There’s no doubt that the moment will live on in history and the match itself between Bryan and Kofi was fantastic to boot.

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