AEW Dynamite Results (7/29): MJF Challenges Jon Moxley, Matt Cardona Debuts


AEW Dynamite aired live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defended the AEW Tag Team Championships against Evil Uno & Stu Grayson of Dark Order. Cody put the TNT Championship on the line against Warhorse tonight as well. FTR signed their contracts and will be hosting Tag Team Appreciation Night on the August 12th edition of Dynamite.

Dynamite Results (7/29)

  1. Best Friends, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy def. Inner Circle
  2. Cody def. Warhorse to retain the TNT Championship
  3. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega def. Dark Order to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships
  4. Hikaru Shida def. Diamante
  5. Jon Moxley & Darby Allin def. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Here are takeaways from this week’s show:

Matt Hardy Cost Inner Circle The Match

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Inner Circle battled Best Friends, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Orange Cassidy in a 10-man tag team match to begin the show.

Match Recap: Jericho tagged in Hager right away and Orange Cassidy greeted him with a couple lazy kicks. Jake lifted Cassidy in the air but Orange escaped and Dropkicked Hager. A brawl then broke out and Jericho booted Cassidy to the outside. Chuck flipped onto Inner Circle outside the ring and Trent followed it up with a Moonsault. Jungle Boy hit Santana with a Hurricanrana and then Luchasaurus hit a Splash onto Inner Circle.

Back in the ring, Trent went for a Splash on Sammy but Hager broke it up with a forearm to the face. Jericho tagged in and planted Trent with a Suplex. Ortiz hit Trent with a DDT outside the ring. Trent hit Jericho with a Dropkick and tried for a tag but Ortiz stopped it. Hager tagged in and applied a Headlock to Trent in the middle of the ring.

Luchasaurus tagged in and beat down Hager in the corner. Jake hit a massive Clotheslien and then turned around into a Superman Punch from Orange Cassidy. Ortiz hit Cassidy with a Powerbomb and then turned around into a boot to the face from Trent. Jericho hit Trent with a Codebreaker. Sammy hit Jungle Boy with a GTS and then got leveled by a kick to the face from Luchasaurus.

Jericho grabbed the baseball bat but Orange Cassidy threw him over the barricade. Guevara made his way to the top rope but Matt Hardy‘s theme hit. Hardy shoved Sammy off the turnbuckle and Luchasaurus hit Sammy with a kick to the face for the pinfall victory.

Later on Dynamite, Jericho challenged Orange Cassidy to a debate next week and announced that they will have a rematch on the August 12th episode.

Opinion: Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara have unfinished business that got put on hold due to Sammy’s suspension. I’m sure that will be a fun match whenever it goes down. However, I absolutely hated this entire match. I thought it was a total mess, had no flow, and there was hardly any noise from the wrestlers playing the role of the crowd.

Cody Retained & Matt Cardona Debuted

Cody put the TNT Championship on the line against Warhorse tonight on Dynamite. Arn Anderson accompanied Cody to the ring.

Match Recap: Warhorse chopped Cody across the chest in the corner of the ring to start the action off. Warhorse rolled up Cody for a two count and then hit Cody with an Arm Drag. Warhorse followed it up with a Clothesline that turned Cody inside out for a near fall.

The TNT Champion rolled out of the ring to try and regroup as Dynamite went to a commercial break. When Dynamite returned, Cody had Warhorse in a Half Crab in the middle of the ring.

Warhorse reached the ropes to break the hold. Cody went for a Figure Four but Warhorse quickly reversed it. Cody broke free but Warhorse sent him to the corner with a Dropkick. Warhorse hit the champ with a couple of Clotheslines in the corner and then another one in the middle of the ring.

Warhorse made his way to the top rope as Cody rolled out of the ring. Warhorse hopped down to the apron and hit Cody with a Double Stomp to the back. Back in the ring, Warhorse made his way to the top rope and hit Cody with an Elbow Drop for a two count.

Cody went for the Figure Four again but Warhorse countered into a roll-up for a two count. Cody hit Warhorse with a Dropkick to the knee and then went for the Figure Four again. Warhorse blocked it for a moment but Cody was able to lock it in the for the submission victory.

After the match, Dark Order rushed the ring and attacked Cody. Arn Anderson got in the ring before Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder in wWE) made the save. Cardona shared a hug with Cody and posed witht he champion to end the segment.

Opinion: Warhorse is freaking awesome and I hope he winds up a part of AEW‘s roster. Cardona looks jacked out of his mind and I can’t wait to see what AEW has in store for him.

Page & Omega Retained

Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defended their AEW Tag Team Championships against Stu Grayson and Evil Uno of Dark Order tonight. Colt Cabana joined commentary for the match.

Match Recap: Evil Uno sent Omega to the corner and hit him with a chop to the chest. Grayson tagged in and booted Omega in the face. Kenny knocked Uno off the apron and hit Stu with a Backbreaker. Hangman tagged in and hit Grayon with a Moonsault for a near fall.

Hangman leveled Evil Uno with a big boot and followed it up with a Fallaway Slam. Page hit Stu with a Crossbody but Evil Uno sent him flying into the ring post. Uno launched Omega into the barricade as Brodie Lee looked on from next to the commentary table.

When Dynamite returned from a break, Omega hit Grayson with a Moonsault for a near fall. Omega sent Stu flying out of the ring but turned around into a big boot from Evil Uno. Evil Uno hit Omega with a Senton off the top rope for a near fall. Grayson hit Omega with a 450 Splash and went for the cover but Kenny kicked out at two.

Hangman leveled Grayson with a Clothesline and then planted Uno with a Powerbomb. Omega hit Uno with a V-trigger for a near fall. Hangman and Omega then hit Evil Uno with the V-Trigger and Buckshot Lariat combo for the pinfall victory. Omega and Page are still the AEW Tag Team Champions.

Brodie Lee demanded that Colt Cabana and Anna Jay leave. Brodie flipped out on Stu Grayson and Evil Uno before grabbing a microphone. Young Bucks came to the ring as Brodie Lee said that the Dark Order is everywhere. Brodie told Hangman Page that he pissed him off for the last time and now it is time he pays. Several members of Dark Order surrounded the ring before FTR made the save. A massive brawl broke out with FTR and The Elite standing tall.

Opinion: This was a great match and the Dark Order has really grown on me as of late. Omega and Hangman still have friction and it seems like Page is gravitating towards FTR. AEW‘s tag team division is ridiculous and it is only a matter of time before Page and Omega drop the belts.

Hikaru Shida Picked Up A Win

AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida faced Diamante tonight in a non-title match.

Match Recap: Shida went right after Diamante to start off the match and beat her down against the ropes. Diamante leveled Shida with a chop and unloaded several punches to the AEW Women’s Champion. Diamante knocked Shida out of the ring and went after her. Hikaru hung up Diamante on the barricade and connected with a running knee to the face.

Back in the ring, Shida climbed to the top rope and hit Diamante with a Dropkick for a two count. Shida followed it up with another knee to the face that sent Diamante to the apron. Diamante hit Shida with a series of chops in the corner that knocked Hikaru to the mat. Diamante hit Shida with a Stunner and went for the cover but the champ kicked out at two. Hikaru connected with a Falcon Arrow and went for the cover but Diamante kicked out at two. Shida followed it up with a running knee to the face for the pinfall victory.

MJF Challenged Jon Moxley To A Title Match At All Out

MJF made a presentation on the state of industy tonight on Dynamite. MJF stated that he has been given a ton of time to force feed the everyone information. MJF asked the fans to use the #MJF2020 and #notmychampion as the crowd chanted “you suck!”.

He referred to the wrestlers in the audience as “bench warmers” and bitched about not being spotlighted two weeks in a row on Dynamite. MJF said it is time for a change of leadership and that one man in particular called for a “paradigm shift”.

MJF claimed AEW has went from an a revolution to a dictatorship and that is why Moxley isn’t his champion. He complained about how everyone just perform gymnastics instead of actually wrestling on the show. MJF mocked Moxley as trying to cosplay Stone Cold and then brought up ratings.

MJF said that he draws better ratings than “Dictator Jon” and that AEW is meant to be the land of opportunity and Moxley has squandered that. MJF vowed to carry AEW on his back because his talent outweighs Moxley’s talent and he is the guy that is going to be leading this company for the next 25 years. He then challenged Moxley to a title match at All Out.

Opinion: MJF cut an awesome promo tonight as usual and I’m looking forward to his feud with Moxley. The ridiculous entrance was great and the Stone Cold line was epic. It is incredible how talented he is already and I would have zero issue with them putting the belt on him at All Out.

Jon Moxley Will Defend AEW Championship Against Darby Allin Next Week

Jon Moxley and Darby Allin faced Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in a Tornado Tag Team match in the main event. Darby Allin hit Starks and Cage with a Coffin Drop before the match started.

Match Recap: Starks hit Darby with a Clothesline as Moxley hit Cage with some chops to the chest outside the ring. Cage leveled Jon with a kick to the face and then caught Allin as he went for a Crossbody. Moxley hit Cage with a Suicide Dive and grabbed a trash can from under the ring as Dynamite went to a break.

When Dynamite returned, Cage hit Allin with a German Suplex for a near fall. Moxley launched a chair into Starks face and then hit Brian with a knee to the midsection. Starks hit Allin with a Spear but Moxley dropped hit him with a Cutter.

Jon hit Cage with a Belly to Back Suplex and then followed it up with a Piledriver for a near fall. Starts hit Moxley with a Dropkick to the face for a two count. Starks and Cage hit Moxley with an Alabama Slam on top of a trash can and went for the cover but Darby broke it up at two.

Allin sent Starks into the ring post and then made his way to the top rope. Moxley and Allin hit a Paradigm Shift/ Coffin Drop combo on Cage for a near fall. Darby grabbed his skateboard that had tacks on it. Allin leaped onto Starks as Moxley had Cage in an Arm Bar. Allin pinned Starks for the victory as blood poured down Ricky’s back. It was announced after the match that Moxley will defend the AEW Championship against Darby Allin next week.

Opinion: Aside from the opening match, this week’s Dynamite was wildly entertaining. I thought MJF‘s promo and the TNT Championship match were the highlights of the show.