Colt Cabana Recalls When The Young Bucks Told Him They Wanted To Create AEW


Colt Cabana has reflected on when The Young Bucks first told him about their plans to launch a brand new promotion.

All Elite Wrestling’s Colt Cabana has revealed when he was first told by The Young Bucks about their plans to launch a new promotion.

Speaking with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone on AEW‘s official podcast, AEW Unrestricted, Cabana shared how The Young Bucks told him their plans at All In.

He divulged how he has been close with Matt and Nick Jackson for years and is someone they often come to for advice.

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“I’m someone that they talk to. They’ll ask advice. They like pulled me aside, and they were like, ‘hey this thing is happening. I’m sure you don’t believe it, but I think we’re doing this.’ That was at All In, which from All In to when it all started was pretty long, so I kept that under my hood. I’m a good secret keeper, and it was pretty exciting.”

Colt Cabana Never Doubted AEW

Cabana noted how he believed AEW would eventually become a reality. He recalled how he had often been told different things during his 21-year career. Cabana shared how he had been offered enough fake offers and tours to know when something wouldn’t actually happen. That was never the feeling he had regarding All Elite Wrestling.

“It seemed about right, and it also made sense. The Bucks, Cody, Kenny and Hangman, they were the hottest thing in wrestling,” Cabana said. “I watched it at Ring of Honor when it was x amount of people. Then Being The Elite became so hot. I watched the numbers go up. I watched everything go up.”

He continued, “I saw All In. I was going to be able to be a part of All In. For someone to realize and to understand that, it’s pretty obvious, but it’s just so much to have to put into in order to get that thing on a higher ground, it made sense. So I understood why Tony would take this gamble and this risk.”

Since his debut in AEW, Colt Cabana has become involved in a storyline involving Brodie Lee and The Dark Order. He recently teamed with Lee and Stu Grayson in a six-man tag team match on Fyter Fest Night Two. They successfully defeated SoCal Uncensored.