Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Appear On BTE With The Young Bucks


Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows were on BTE this week.

After appearing at Impact’s Slammiversary PPV on Saturday, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows made an appearance on Being the Elite this week. The episode begins with the Young Bucks looking back on a meeting they had with Anderson and Gallows back in 2016.

Anderson, Gallows, and The Young Bucks are shown talking about how great their Bullet Club run is going. The Bucks then mentioned to Anderson and Gallows that they think they can start their own wrestling company. At first, Anderson and Gallows seem excited by the idea. After the Bucks left the room, Anderson and Gallows expressed some skepticism.

“You know this Bullet Club thing is getting us to New York, right?” Gallows whispered to Anderson.

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“Those little marks not realize it’s a work?” Anderson asked.

“Do you think TNT wants wrestling after what happened last time? No,” Gallows asked.

“Vanilla little people is what it is,” Anderson said.

“We’re going to tag with Hunter one day, trust me,” Gallows continued.

“I love the fact that you want to team with Triple H,” Anderson added.

Anderson and Gallows don’t appear again in the episode. They will likely be on Impact Wrestling Tuesday night, however.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below: