WWE RAW Results (7/20): Big Show vs. Orton, Stephanie McMahon Makes Announcement


This week’s RAW aired from the Performance Center and was the first episode following WWE Extreme Rules. Big Show battled Randy Orton in an Unsanctioned Match during tonight’s show. Stephanie McMahon also addressed the controversy regarding the RAW Women’s Championship.

RAW Results (7/20)

  1. Seth Rollins def. Aleister Black
  2. Shelton Benjamin def. R-Truth to become the new 24/7 Champion
  3. Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander def. MVP, Lashley, Shelton Benjamin
  4. Ruby Riott def. Peyton Royce
  5. Street Profits def. Andrade & Angel Garza
  6. Kairi Sane def. Bayley
  7. Randy Orton def. Big Show in an Unsanctioned Match

Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s show:

Seth Rollins Blamed The WWE Universe & Brutally Attacked Aleister Black

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Seth Rollins came down to the ring with Murphy to kick off this week’s RAW. Tom Phillips stated that the “optic nerve was not severed” in Rey Mysterio‘s eye and he may be able to maintain his vision. Rollins noted that Mysterio’s eye came out of it’s socket last night and that he had to do that to win the Eye for an Eye Match.

Rollins claimed that what happened last night will stay with him for the rest of his life and the crowd started chanting “shame!”. Seth added that it was disgusting, barbaric, more than he expected, and made him sick to stomach. Seth asked the WWE Universe if they regret what they have done to him and they were the ones who made him the Monday Night Messiah.

Seth pointed out that Mysterio asked for the Eye for an Eye stipulation and actions have consequences. Rollins chuckled and said that we cannot afford to dwell in the past and the beauty of all of this is now Mysterio is out of sight. Rollins claimed that there is nobody left to stand in the way of the greater good before Aleister Black interrupted.

Aleister told Rollins that all of the blame is on Seth and he is here to rectify this. Black took off his jacket and booted Murphy in the face on the entrance ramp. Black rolled in the ring but Murphy dragged him back outside. Aleister launched Murphy over the announce desk and got in the ring but Rollins retreated to the outside. Rollins and Aleister Black then competed in a singles match as Murphy was ringside.

Match Recap: Seth controlled the action early and stomped Black down in the corner of the ring. Aleister battled back with a knee to the midsection and a shoulder tackle. Seth connected with a Slingblade and went for the cover but Black kicked out at two. Rollins targeted Aleister’s right arm as the crowd banged on the plexiglass to fire Aleister up. Rollins planted Aleister with a Suplex for another near fall.

Aleister Black battled back and knocked Seth to the canvas. Murphy hopped on the apron and Black booted him to the floor. Aleister hit Rollins with Black Mass but Murphy hopped back into the ring. Aleister connected with Black Mass on Murphy as RAW went to a break. When RAW returned, Black hit another kick that knocked Rollins back to the mat.

Seth stumbled to his feet but was quickly knocked back down with a kick to the midsection. Aleister went for Black Mass but Rollins dodged it and connected with a Superkick. Rollins hit Aleister with the Stomp for the pinfall victory. After the match, Seth instructed Murphy to beat Aleister down once again. Rollins then bashed Aleister’s arm into the ring post and slammed it on the floor. Rollins slammed Black’s arm onto the announce table several times before stomping on it.

Mustafa Ali Returned

“United States Champion” MVP came down to the ring with new 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin and Lashley. Benjamin had just attacked R-Truth from behind to win the title backstage. MVP claimed that Apollo Crews chose to stay home and nurse his wounds instead of showing up at Extreme Rules.

MVP added that it didn’t matter if Apollo Crews showed up or not because he was going to win no matter what. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander interrupted and called MVP a coward holding a title he didn’t earn. MVP called Ricochet and Alexander little kids that should still be sitting in catering. Ricochet and Alexander said that they did have a tag partner and announced it was Mustafa Ali. Ricochet, Ali, and Cedric battled MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Lashley in a 6-man tag match.

Match Recap: MVP, Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin dominated the action early before Mustafa Ali finally tagged in. Ali turned things around as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Benjamin and Ricochet were battling in the ring. Shelton hit a Back Body Drop and went for the cover but Ricochet kicked out at two. The action spilled out of the ring and Lashley got launched over the announce table from a ridiculous Suicide Dive from Ali. Ricochet hit Shelton Benjamin with a Moonsault as MVP and Mustafa Ali battled in the ring. Ali hit a Neckbreaker and made his way to the top rope. Ali hit MVP with the 450 Splash for the pinfall victory.

Street Profits Picked Up A Win

Street Profits
The Street Profits

RAW Tag Team Champions Street Profits battled Angel Garza and Andrade in a non-title match tonight on RAW.

Match Recap: Garza and Andrade controlled the action early and had Angelo Dawkins isolated in the ring. Montez Ford tagged in and launched Andrade out of the ring. Ford then flipped onto him, got back into the ring and shook the top rope as RAW went to a commercial break.

Angelo tagged in and leveled Andrade with a Clothesline before applying an Armbar in the middle of the ring. Ford quickly tagged back in and leveled Andrade with a Dropkick to the face. Andrade finally battled back and was able to get to the corner to tag in Garza. Angel hit Montez with a Superkick before Andrade tagged back in.

Andrade planted Ford with a Suplex and went for the cover but Montez was able to kick out at two. Andrade locked Ford in the Abdominal Stretch but Montez countered into a slam that sent both superstars to the canvas. Dawkins pleaded for a tag and Ford leaped across the ring. Angelo tagged in and decked Andrade with an elbow to the face.

Dawkins hit Andrade with a Bulldog and went for the cover but Garza broke it up at two. Montez tagged in and made his way to the top rope. Andrade shoved Dawkins into the ropes and Ford fell onto the turnbuckle. Garza went for a Superplex but Montez blocked it. Ford hit Garza with a right hand and followed it up with a beautiful Frog Splash for the pinfall victory.

Kairi Sane Defeated Bayley, Stephanie McMahon Announces RAW Women’s Championship Match For Next Week

“RAW Women’s Champion” Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley came down to the ring to begin the third hour of she show. Banks said she fought for her championship, unlike Asuka who has handed the title by Becky Lynch. Sasha added that Asuka almost blinded the referee with the green mist and Bayley simply borrowed the referee’s shirt because someone had to do it.

Bayley stated that she had to do the right thing and make the count because she is a role model. Asuka interrupted with Kairi Sane and said that Banks was not ready for her. Asuka called Sasha a thief and that Banks is holding her title. Stephanie McMahon showed up on the jumbotron and told Sasha Banks that she didn’t win last night at Extreme Rules. Stephanie McMahon announced that next week they will have a RAW Women’s Championship next week and she will lose if Bayley gets involved. Bayley then battled Kairi Sane as Banks and Asuka were ringside.

Match Recap: Bayley stomped on Sane’s foot and whipped her down to the canvas to start the match off. Sane knocked Bayley out of the ring and followed it up with a Hip Attack when the SmackDown Women’s Champion hopped back up on the apron. Bayley took back control and hit Sane with a Clothesline followed by a flurry of right hands to the face. Bayley hit a Suplex and went for the cover but Kairi kicked out at two. Shayna Baszler was interviewed backstage in the middle of the match and complained about not having a match tonight. Shayna said she is watching the match like a shark watching prey in the water.

Kairi Sane made her way to the top rope but Bayley caught her with a punch to the face. Bayley then applied and an Armbreaker over the ropes but Sane was able to trip the champion up. Sane climbed back to the top rope and hit Bayley with a Double Stomp for a two count. Kairi hit the Insane Elbow but grabbed her arm in pain. Kairi covered Bayley but she got her foot on the bottom rope at the last moment. Bayley hit Sane with a Belly to Back Suplex and followed it up with an Elbow Drop for a two count. Bayley went for the Bayley to Belly but Sane countered into a roll-up for the pinfall victory.

McIntyre Will Pick The Stipulation This Time In A Rematch Against Ziggler

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre gave Ziggler a credit for almost beating him but added that almost doing things is the story of Dolph’s career. Drew stated that SummerSlam is up next and he wants a worthy opponent. Dolph interrupted and claimed that he saw fear in McIntyre’s eyes last night at Extreme Rules.

Ziggler said he was this close to having his moment last night and Drew interrupted. McIntyre said he just beat Dolph 24 hours ago and told him to “bugger off”. Drew told Ziggler that he will save him the embarrassment and was just going to leave. Ziggler grabbed McIntyre’s shoulder and Drew headbutted him.

Dolph told McIntyre to give him one more match and Drew can name the stipulation. McIntyre told Ziggler that he has changed his mind and accepted the offer. Ziggler asked what the stipulation was and McIntyre said he will tell Dolph what it is right before the bell rings.

The Legend Killer Struck Again

Big Show battled Randy Orton in an Unsanctioned Match in the main event of this week’s episode of RAW.

Match Recap: Big Show went right after Orton and beat the hell out of him in the corner of the ring. Big Show hit Orton with a Spear and Randy rolled out of the ring to regroup. Big E slid a table into the ring and delivered a chop to Orton’s chest. Andrade and Garza attacked Big Show from behind and sent him into the ring post.

The Viking Raiders joined the party and brawled with Garza and Andrade as RAW went to a break. When RAW returned, Orton had Big Show in a Headlock. Big Show broke free and leveled Orton with a headbutt. Orton hit Big Show in the knee with a Dropkick and set up for the Punt. Big Show was ready for it and planted Randy with a Chokeslam for a near fall.

Big Show set up for the KO Punch but Randy rolled out of the ring. Big Show set up a table in the ring as Orton regrouped. Big Show threw Orton back into the ring and set him up on the table. Big Show went for a Splash off the middle rope but Orton got out of the way and Big Show crashed through the table.

Orton planted Big Show with the RKO and went for the cover but Big Show kicked out at two. Randy brought a chair into the ring and hit Big Show across the back several times. Orton draped Big Show over the top rope and planted him with a DDT. Orton geared up in the corner and hit another RKO for the pinfall victory. After the match, Orton delivered the Punt to Big Show’s head. Randy said one more legend down” to Big Show as RAW went off the air.

Opinion: Randy Orton continues to be one of the best parts of the show every week. Overall, I thought tonight’s RAW was a good show. Kairi Sane picked up a win in what could have been her final match in WWE, Mustafa Ali returned, and Montez Ford hit one of the best Frog Splashes I’ve seen in a long time. There were far more entertaining moments tonight than at Extreme Rules.