WWE RAW Results (7/6): Asuka vs. Bayley, Heath Slater Returns


The July 6th edition of WWE RAW aired from the Performance Center in Orlando. Randy Orton, Andrade, Angel Garza battled The Viking Raiders and Big Show. Rey Mysterio teamed up with Kevin Owens to face Seth Rollins and Murphy. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka battled SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley in a non-title match.

WWE RAW Results (7/6)

  1. Drew McIntyre def. Heath Slater
  2. Kairi Sane def. Sasha Banks via DQ
  3. Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins & Murphy
  4. MVP & Lashley def. Cedric Alexander & Ricochet
  5. Randy Orton, Andrade, Angel Garza def. Big Show & Viking Raiders
  6. Billie Kay def. Ruby Riott
  7. Asuka def. Bayley

Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s show:

Ziggler Brought Heath Slater Back To Play Mind Games With McIntyre

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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre kicked off this week’s show. McIntyre hyped up his match against Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Drew asked Ziggler to come down to the ring to announce the stipulation for the title match.

Ziggler came to the entrance ramp and stated that his stipulation will be a secret and he will not announce it before Extreme Rules. Ziggler was about to bring up McIntyre being fired but Drew interrupted. McIntyre said he is proud of his comeback story and noted that he beat Brock Lesnar & Big Show at WrestleMania.

Dolph added that there are other people that Drew didn’t say thank you to and brought out Heath Slater. Heath came to the ring wearing a “free agent” shirt and told McIntyre that they have a lot of history together.

Slater told McIntyre that he wasn’t the chosen one back then but he is now. Heath said he cried when McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Slater told McIntyre that he called him every day after he got released and wondered why Drew didn’t do the same for him.

Heath said that the last time he spoke to McIntyre was on The Bump and Drew claimed he was going to petition for a match. Slater stated that he was here to get what McIntyre owes him and smacked Drew in the face. McIntyre accepted the challenge as RAW went to a break. When RAW returned, McIntyre immediately leveled Heath Slater with a Claymore for a quick victory.

After the match, Dolph Ziggler got in Heath’s face and started taunting him. Ziggler shoved Slater to the canvas and started beating him down. McIntyre ran down to the ring but Ziggler retreated. McIntyre helped Slater up and shared a hug with him in the ring. McIntyre and Slater did the 3MB pose to end the segment.

Opinion: Heath Slater delivered an excellent promo tonight and I thought this segment at least added a little intrigue to the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules. Ziggler versus McIntyre is still a tough sell for me. I’m sure it will be a good match but its a difficult one to get invested in.

Sasha Banks Battled Kairi Sane

Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks cut a promo on their upcoming matches tonight on RAW and at Extreme Rules. Bayley vowed to defeat Nikki Cross and Sasha Banks vowed to defeat Asuka at Extreme Rules.

RAW Women’s Champion Asuka interrupted and came to the entrance ramp. Asuka said that neither of them were ready for her. Bayley claimed Sasha Banks will humiliate her at Extreme Rules. Bayley said Sasha Banks is ready to fight anyone tonight and Kairi Sane made her way to the ring.

Match Recap: Sane controlled the action early and hit Banks with a flurry of shots to the midsection. Kairi locked in the Octopus submission in the middle of the ring. Sasha escaped but Sane rolled her up for a two count. Sasha slammed Kairi to the canvas for a one count.

Asuka shoved Bayley to the floor outside the ring and Banks went to check on her. Kairi leveled Sasha with a Dropkick through the ropes as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Sasha Banks was back in control and sent Kairi to the corner.

Banks went for Double Knees but Sane avoided it and connected with a kick to Sasha’s back. Kairi climbed to the top rope and hit a forearm to the face for a two count. Sane followed it up with two Blockbusters and then the Interceptor Spear. Banks hit the Meteora for a near fall.

Kairi locked in a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring but Bayley got into the ring and broke it up. After the match ended in a DQ, Bayley and Banks beat Asuka down outside the ring. Kairi climbed to the top and took out Bayley and Banks with the Insane Elbow.

Rollins & Mysterio Will Have An Eye For An Eye Match At Extreme Rules

Aleister Black was attacked backstage and was found with a Rey Mysterio mask on his head. Kevin Owens marched down to the ring and welcomed everyone to the KO Show. Owens threw the chairs out of the ring and introduced Seth Rollins as a giant piece of trash.

Rollins came to the ring with Murphy and Seth thanked Kevin for having him on the show. Seth wondered how Owens’ fractured ankle is healing up and Kevin claimed that it feels better than Rollins’ ego does lately. Owens noted that they battled at WrestleMania and that formed a bond between them. Kevin gave Seth a KO Mania shirt and said he was wearing one of those shirts when he defeated Rollins at WrestleMania.

Seth told Kevin that he doesn’t give a damn about him or his show. Rollins added that he was just out here to address the now medically cleared Rey Mysterio and challenged him to a match at Extreme Rules. Rollins then turned his attention back to Owens and claimed Kevin needs him more than he thinks. Seth suggested that Owens join him in the fight for the greater good. Rey Mysterio and Dominik interrupted and Rey said that Owens isn’t going to fall for Seth’s BS. Mysterio accepted Rollins’ challenge and said that Seth’s destiny will be in his hands.

Rollins noted that they were supposed to compete in a tag team match but Aleister was attacked. Seth suggested that Dominik replace Aleister so he can take one of his eyes as well. Owens told Rollins that he will never fight by Seth’s side and said he wanted to be Rey’s partner tonight. Kevin suggested that the winning team will pick the stipulation for the match between Mysterio and Rollins at Extreme Rules.

Match Recap: Mysterio and Owens started off in control and isolated Murphy in the ring. Owens connected with an Atomic Drop and followed it up with a Clothesline for a two count. Seth tagged and Owens immediately greeted him with a Clothesline as well. Owens hit Rollins with a Senton and Seth rolled out of the ring. Kevin chased after him and bounced his face off the apron a couple times before the action returned to the ring.

Mysterio tagged in and Rollins scampered to the corner to tag in Murphy. Rey hit him with a Hurrcanrana and set up for the 619 but Murphy rolled to the outside. Rollins distracted Rey and Murphy capitalized with a boot to the face. Dominik then distracted Murphy as Rollins leveled Owens off the apron. Seth grabbed Dominik and raked his eye as RAW went to a break.

When RAW returned, Rollins was in control and was targeting Owens’ ankle with his attack. Owens battled back and leveled Rollins with a Superkick. Murphy and Mysterio tagged in and Rey connected with a Dropkick. Rey hit Murphy with a Hurricanrana into the ring post and set up for a 619. Rollins rushed in the ring and Rey hung him up on the ropes. Seth got out of the ring and grabbed Dominik. Aleister Black marched down the entrance ramp and Rollins dared him to attack. Black didn’t so the match didn’t end in a DQ. Dominik raked Murphy’s eyes and Rey followed it up with a 619. Mysterio then hit a Frog Splash off the top rope for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Rey grabbed a microphone and said he has a perfect stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules. Mysterio said it will be an “Eye for an Eye” match and that he is willing to pull Rollins’ eye out at Extreme Rules.

Opinion: I have absolutely no idea what an eye for an eye match is but I am intrigued. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this storyline and I cannot wait to see how this feud culminates at Extreme Rules.

The New US Title Was Revealed

MVP came down to the ring with Bobby Lashley and referred to himself as the greatest United States Champion of all time. MVP claimed that he will defeat Apollo Crews at Extreme Rules and become US Champion for the third time.

MVP then revealed the new United States Championship before Lashley grabbed a microphone. Bobby suggested that they put the new title around MVP’s waist as the crowd booed. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander interrupted and complimented the new look of the US Title.

Alexander told MVP that you have to earn titles in WWE. Ricochet added that they hurt Apollo and they are here for a revenge. MVP and Lashley then battled Ricochet and Alexander in a tag team match. Lashley and MVP wound up picking up the win.

Orton, Garza, & Andrade Picked Up A Win

Big Show & Viking Raiders teamed up to face Randy Orton, Angel Garza, and Andrade tonight on RAW.

Match Recap: Big Show, Ivar, and Erik took turns beating the hell out of Angel Garza for the first few minutes of the match. Finally, Garza escaped to the corner and Andrade tagged in. Ivar slammed Andrade to the canvas and then Erik slammed Ivar on top of Andrade. Big Show then slammed Erik on top of Andrade. Garza and Andrade started arguing and Orton told Angel to get out of the ring. Randy then grabbed Garza by the throat and held him up against the plexiglass. Orton told Garza that he needs to get his head out of his ass as RAW went to a break.

When RAW returned, Randy Orton tagged in and beat the hell out of Ivar in the corner of the ring. Garza tagged in and continued to beat Ivar down as Orton clapped in his face. Erik tagged in and launched Angel across the ring. Erik hit Angel with a knee to the face but got distracted by Orton. Angel capitalized with a boot to the face and tagged Randy back in.

Orton stomped away on Erik before Andrade tagged back in. Big Show finally tagged back in and leveled Andrade with a shoulder tackle. Orton went for an RKO but Big Show avoided it. Randy taunted Big Show from outside the ring as Big Show set up for a Chokeslam but Andrade countered into a Sleeper Hold.

Big Show threw Andrade to the canvas and tagged in Erik. Viking Raiders went for the Viking Experience but Andrade broke it up. Orton tagged in and planted Erik with an RKO for the pinfall victory.

Ric Flair complimented Orton backstage but was interrupted by 24/7 Champion R-Truth. R-Truth somehow thought Flair was Tozawa in disguise and then Akira & the ninjas showed up. R-Truth ran away and Orton pointed Tozawa in the opposite direction.

Opinion: The 6-man tag team match was just alright but Orton’s psychotic rant to Angel Garza outside the ring was awesome.

Nikki Cross Helped Asuka Defeat Bayley

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley squared off against RAW Women’s Champion Asuka tonight on RAW in a non-title match. Nikki Cross joined commentary for the match and refused to leave when WWE security asked her to. Sasha Banks and Kairi Sane were ringside for the match.

Match Recap: Bayley beat Asuka down against the ropes to start it off. Bayley applied a Headlock but Asuka broke free with an elbow to the midsection. Asuka leveled Bayley with a shoulder tackle and and went for the Asuka Lock but Bayley escaped out of the ring. Bayley booted Asuka in the face and slapped the headset off of Nikki Cross. Nikki tried to attack Bayley but security got in the way. Security then carried Nikki backstage as Bayley watched on with a smile on her face. Asuka hit Bayley with a knee to the face as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Bayley was back in control and slammed Asuka‘s face into the mat several times. Asuka battled back and unloaded some kicks on Bayley. Asuka connected with a Shining Wizard and went for the cover but the SmackDown Women’s Champion kicked out at two. Asuka chased Bayley around the ring and back inside.

Bayley caught Asuka on the apron and slammed her neck into the ropes for a near fall. The action spilled out of the ring and Bayley slammed Asuka on top of the announce table as RAW went to a break. Back from the break, Bayley was still in control but couldn’t keep the RAW Women’s Champion down.

The crowd got behind Asuka as she battled back with a couple of jabs to Bayley‘s ribs. Bayley knocked Asuka to the canvas and started mocking her by dancing around the ring. Asuka booted Bayley in the face and followed it up with Double Knees. Asuka hit a Dropkick and then a knee to the face. Asuka connected with a Hip Attack in the corner and a German Suplex.

Asuka hit another Hip Attack and went for the cover but Bayley kicked out at two. Asuka went for a Hip Attack but Bayley caught her against the ropes. Bayley missed with a Clothesline and Asuka hit a backfist right to Bayley‘s face. Asuka hit another Hip Attack that knocked Bayley out of the ring. Bayley tripped up Asuka on the ring apron and rolled back in the ring.

Asuka booted Bayley in the head and made her way to the top rope. The RAW Women’s Champion connected with a Dropkick for another near fall. Bayley and Asuka battled on the ring apron and Bayley sent Asuka into the top turnbuckle. Bayley delivered a knee to Asuka‘s face against the barricade before the action returned to the ring.

Bayley hit Kairi Sane with a cheap shot and Sane hopped on the apron. The official got distracted and Sasha kicked Asuka in the face. Bayley hit a Belly to Back Suplex and went for the cover but Asuka somehow kicked out at the last moment. Sasha brought Bayley a bottle of water and she took a sip before throwing it in Asuka‘s face.

Nikki Cross showed up behind the plexiglass and slammed on it. Bayley got distracted and Asuka applied the Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring. Sasha tried to break it up but Kairi hit Banks with the Interceptor Spear. Bayley escaped but Asuka rolled her up for the pinfall victory.

Opinion: Bayley and Asuka put on a good match to close out a very entertaining episode of RAW. I’m looking forward to both women’s title matches at Extreme Rules and the women’s division has really stepped up and carried the shows as of late. Asuka, Bayley, and Sasha Banks have really shined and made the shows at the Performance Center much more entertaining than I thought they were going to be.