AEW Dynamite Results (8/27): Tables Match, Hangman Page Kicked Out Of The Elite


AEW Dynamite aired live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Matt Hardy battled Sammy Guevara in a Tables Match tonight. Groups of fans were allowed into Daily’s Place for the show and Chris Jericho joined commentary.

Dynamite Results (8/27)

  1. FTR won the Tag Team Gauntlet Match and earned a title shot at All Out
  2. Lance Archer def. Sean Maluta
  3. Lucha Bros, Butcher, Blade def. Brian Pillman Jr., Griff Garrison, Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela
  4. Big Swole def. Britt Baker Rebel & Penelope Ford to earn a match against Britt Baker (Swole picks stipulation)
  5. Sammy Guevara def. Matt Hardy in a Tables Match

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Hangman Page Was Kicked Out Of The Elite & FTR Earned A Title Shot At All Out

FTR (Photo credit: AEW)
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QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes faced Young Bucks in the first round of the Gauntlet Match. The winners of the Gauntlet Match will go on to face Kenny Omega & Hangman Page for the AEW Tag Team Championships at All Out.

Match Recap: Matt and Nick dominated early and isolated QT int he ring. Rhodes tagged in and hit Matt and Nick with a couple Powerslams. Marshall tagged in and connected with a Dropkick to Matt’s face for a two count. Young Bucks battled back and knocked QT out of the ring. Matt and Nick hit Dustin with a Bulldog/Dropkick combo for a two count.

QT and Nick tagged in and Marshall hit a Clothesline that knocked Nick to the canvas. Young Bucks leveled Marshall with a couple Superkicks but QT battled back with a big punch to Matt’s face. Young Bucks hit QT with the BTE Trigger for the pinfall.

Young Bucks then faced Best Friends in the next round of the Gauntlet Match. Trent and Chuck isolated Nick in the corner and beat him down. Nick battled back and tried to Moonsault onto Trent outside the ring. Trent got out of the way and leveled Nick with a Spear.

Back in the ring, Trent hit Nick with a Dropkick in the corner and went for the cover but Jackson kicked out at two. Chuck tagged in and connected with a Suplex for another near fall. Nick hit Trent with a Superkick to the face and followed it up with a German Suplex on the ring apron.

Matt finally tagged in and hit Best Friends with a series of chops to the chest. Matt hit Chuck with a DDT and sent Trent to the corner. Matt went for a Tombstone Pilediver but Trent escaped. Matt planted Trent with three Northern Lights Suplexes in a row and went for a fourth but Trent countered into a DDT.

Best Friends shared a hug in the ring and Nick rolled up Trent for a two count. Matt held Trent up and Nick connected with a Swanton outside the ring. Young Bucks followed it up with a 450 Splash on Trent and went for the cover but somehow Trent kicked out at two.

Hangman Page came out of nowhere and held up Nick Jackson on the ring apron to prevent the Young Bucks from hitting the Best Meltzer Driver. Trent rolled up Matt for the victory to advance. Hangman Page wouldn’t look Young Bucks in the eye and walked away after the match. FTR battled Best Friends in the final round of the Gauntlet Match. Tully Blanchard accompanied Dax Harwood and Dash Wheeler to the ring.

FTR dominated early and isolated Chuck in the ring. Chuck booted Dax to the corner and Harwood knocked Wheeler off the apron by accident. Wheeler went around the ring and planted Trent with a Suplex outside the ring. Dax hit Chuck with a chop block and tagged Wheeler in. Cash stomped on Chuck’s knee before Harwood tagged in and locked in a Knee Bar on Chuck for the submission victory. FTR will face Hangman and Omega for the AEW Tag Team Championships at All Out.

Later on the show, the Young Bucks confronted Hangman Page at the bar. Matt and Nick said Hangman was nothing but a drunk and launched his drink in his face. Young Bucks then kicked Hangman Page out of The Elite. Young Bucks broke a mirror on the door as they slammed it shut. Hangman Page looked at his reflection in the broken mirror to end the promo.

Opinion: I enjoyed this match and am interested in why Hangman Page screwed over the Young Bucks. I did not enjoy commentary just talking over the finish after FTR had been targeting Chuck’s knee the entire match.