Bully Ray Talks ‘Under-utilized’ NXT Backstage Talent


The Dudley legend talks NXT's 'secret weapon' when it comes to showcasing Superstars

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently commented on an ‘under-utilized’ talent in NXT. Namely, backstage member of staff Jeremy Borash.

Borash was previously part of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, and would’ve had a fair amount of dealings with Bully Ray. The ECW legend would state how NXT needs to work on getting fans to ’emotionally invest’ in characters, and how Borash’s recent work with Io Shirai’s video packages would work wonders for the rest of the locker room.

Bully Ray on Emotional Investment

“When it comes to emotional investment? A lot of guys don’t get you emotionally invested with moves” Bully Ray began on the show. “Remember, if you think you’re emotionally invested in somebody? You’re probably just ‘responding’ to the move, and not the person. Emotional investment is all about the person, so emotional investment normally comes on the microphone.”

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“That’s what I want to see more of in NXT” Bully Ray continued. “I want to see more of these guys and gals speaking from the heart. And they have something there at NXT, they have a weapon there that I think is under-utilised when it comes to tapping into the emotions of wrestlers.”

Bully Ray would then name Jeremy Borash as someone who needed to work more with NXT talent to help produce more related segments. “That weapon is Jeremy Borash. I think Borash does a phenomenal job of putting together these packages, the stuff that he is/has been doing with Io Shirai? The packages they’ve been doing with her are off the charts.”

Ray would also praise Borash’s work on the Boneyard Match from this past WrestleMania. “The stuff that Borash was behind when it came to ‘Taker and AJ Styles? The Boneyard Match? That’s all Jeremy Borash. Don’t let anybody else fool you, don’t let them smoke and mirror you. It’s Jeremy Borash because Borash was right by Matt Hardy‘s side during all of the Final Deletion stuff. He understands all of this newer stuff that gets guys and gals over. I wish they were tapping into him a little more when it comes to letting people talk.”

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