Chris Jericho Considered Retirement In 2015, Shares Future Retirement Plans


Chris Jericho has revealed he seriously considered retirement back in 2015 before sharing his future retirement plans.

Chris Jericho has spoken about his future retirement plans during a recent episode of his YouTube show, Saturday Night Special. During the episode, Jericho revealed how he had intended to begin hinting towards retirement back in 2015. However, his best friend storyline with Kevin Owens allegedly rekindled his passion for pro wrestling, leading him to nix any retirement plans.

He shared how he “started having fun again” after contemplating a reduced schedule that would seem him “wind down” and compete at WWE house shows. Jericho gave it serious consideration after discovering how much fun he was having on house shows. This was because they were “fun [without] the pressure.”

“[…] I came back and I started having so much fun, and then I met Kevin Owens. We had a great chemistry, we clicked right away, and I was like, ‘This guy get it. He’s a lot like me, like, he doesn’t take things seriously but he takes his work seriously. He’s not afraid to look himself look stupid if it’s willing to get a reaction. That’s when the whole Jericho/Owens best friends thing happened, and that’s when I was like, ‘This is awesome’.”

Chris Jericho’s Future Retirement Plans

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Turning his attention to future retirement plans once he is done with in-ring competition, the “Demo God” confessed he doesn’t have a specific date in mind. He shared how, even when he does retire, he would want to continue being a part of the business. Jericho suggested he would be interested in a commentary role or becoming a consultant.

He stressed how he’s not interested in becoming an Executive Vice President or a writer for any promotion. Jericho also added how he’d want to continue hosting shows like Saturday Night Special and his podcast Talk is Jericho, as well as pursuing more acting opportunities.