Chris Jericho Reflects On Stadium Stampede Creative Process, What The NFL Didn’t Want Them To Do


All Elite Wrestling's Chris Jericho has reflected on Stadium Stampede's creative process, sharing what the NFL didn't want them to do.

All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho has reflected on Double or Nothing’s Stadium Stampede matchup. The match saw his Inner Circle stable clash with The Elite and Matt Hardy.

Speaking with The SDR Show, Jericho shared how he believes the Stadium Stampede matchup was one of the “best things” he’s done throughout his career.

He explained how the entire process of putting the match together was universally collaborative. However, there was one element the NFL didn’t want them to do. According to Jericho, the NFL didn’t want the Jacksonville Jaguar mascot to get knocked out.

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“That was just 10 guys with different ideas, banging it out, not having to worry about ‘so and so approved this’. The only thing I had to get approved was knocking out the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot.”

Jericho stressed how the only reason he needed approval was because the NFL didn’t want them to do it. That being said, he explained how “Tony Khan said do it anyway.”

He reiterated how the Stadium Stampede’s creative process was “free form,” adding how “It’s just how creative do you want to be and how successful do you want to make the segment you’re in.”

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