Chris Jericho Responds To Criticism Of Fozzy Playing Sturgis Rally


Chris Jericho has responded to critics of Fozzy playing the Sturgis rally.

Chris Jericho has performed at the Sturgis motorcycle rally a few times in his wrestling career and this weekend his band Fozzy did the same. The rally has come under criticism for an apparent lack of social distancing. There are those currently criticizing Jericho for taking part in the show considering he will be part of upcoming AEW tapings in Jacksonville as well.

Jericho responded to this criticism on a YouTube stream over the weekend.

“It’s been so great to be back on stage again after 7 months,” Jericho said. “The last gig we played was on the Jericho cruise, which is so hard to believe. It was like on a different planet, back in the days before the ‘Rona’ changed everything.”

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Jericho also said that indoor venues at the rally were kept at half-capacity. He also noted that temperature checks were taken and masks were handed out.

“The venues are either outside or they are half-capacity,” Jericho said on his live-stream.

“We hand out masks at the door, do temperature checks, all that sort of stuff. We basically just stay on the bus all day and everyone in the Fozzy camp, crew, and band has been tested.”

People have been Tweeting about Jericho attending the Sturgis rally:

Jericho also said he was banning Jim Cornette from future AEW shows. Cornette responded:

Jericho’s live stream can be viewed in the player below: