Cody Rhodes Responds To Claims About AEW’s Interest In Goldberg


Cody responds to a story saying that Tony Khan wanted to bring Goldberg into AEW

We have heard rumours of AEW‘s interest in Goldberg a number of times. It has been said that AEW President Tony Khan is interested in bringing the WCW veteran to the company but Vice President Cody Rhodes is denying these claims.

One such claim was recently made by Jim Cornette who said on his podcast that Khan wanted the former Universal Champion to re-enact his legendary undefeated streak in AEW.

However, the current TNT champion responded to these claims from the wrestling veteran on Twitter and he claimed that his company has had no contact with Goldberg:

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Even if AEW had interest in bringing the WCW veteran to the company, it wouldn’t be possible to sign him right now because Goldberg himself recently revealed that he is still under WWE contract.

The former World Champion revealed that he signed a three year deal with the company to stay with the promotion till 2022 and wrestle two matches each year.

Goldberg has already wrestled a couple of matches for the company this year so it’s not very likely that we will see him on WWE programming anytime soon but he should return to WWE TV down the line.