AEW Dynamite Results (9/9): Brodie Lee Defends TNT Title, Miro Debuts


Ricky Starks Mocked Darby Allin

Ricky Starks came to the entrance ramp to Darby Allin‘s music. Starks was dressed like Darby Allin and joked about him getting injured once again.

Starks stated that there is a reason why nobody wants to tag with Darby and he sits alone backstage every week. Ricky called Darby reckless and added that he was going to kick Darby’s ass the next time he shows up to Dynamite.

Nyla Rose Defeated Tay Conti

Nyla Rose
Nyla Rose (Photo: AEW)

Tay Conti was emotional making her way to the ring for her match against Nyla Rose. Vickie Guerrero accompanied Rose to the ring.

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Match Recap: Conti connected with a couple kicks to Nyla’s face and drove her to the corner of the ring. Tay went for a roll-up but Rose kicked out at two. Conti locked in a Knee Bar but Rose broke free with a couple stomps to Tay’s midsection. Rose sent Tay out of the ring and Vickie went for a cheap shot but the referee caught her.

Rose followed Tay to the outside and slammed her into the barricade as Dynamite went to a commercial break. When Dynamite returned, Nyla connected with a Powerbomb for the pinfall victory. After the match, Nyla attacked Conti but AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida made the save.

Brodie Lee Retained The TNT Championship

Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee defended the TNT Championship against Dustin Rhodes tonight in the main event.

Match Recap: Rhodes went right after Brodie before the bell rang and the action spilled out of the ring. Dustin hit Brodie with a Back Body Drop on top of a table and then bounced his head off the steel steps.

The action returned to the ring and Brodie took control. Rhodes battled back after a commercial break and connected with a Hurricanrana off the middle rope. Dustin planted Brodie with a Destroyer and went for a cover but the TNT Champion kicked out at two.

Dustin planted Brodie with the Cross Rhodes for another near fall. John Silver hopped on the apron and Rhodes used the distraction to hit a low blow. Dustin planted Brodie with a Piledriver and went for the cover but Brodie grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold.

Rhodes hit a massive Clothesline and went for the cover but Brodie powered out at two. Brodie caught Dustin with two kicks to the face and then the Discus Lariat for the pinfall victory. Brodie is still the TNT Champion.

After the match, Dark Order brought a beaten down QT Marshall to the ring. Brodie demanded that Colt Cabana get out of the ring after costing Dark Order a win at All Out. Brodie hit Dustin with a low blow and posed with the TNT Championship. It was then announced that Cody will be joining a reality show on TBS as a celebrity judge.

Opinion: I’d rather watch Battleground 2017 on a loop than watch another one of these terrible talent shows. It makes sense for Cody to do a show like this as it could draw in more viewers for Dynamite. However, I will not be watching a single second of the Go Big Show. Overall, this week’s Dynamite was a pretty good episode. Miro showing up was the best moment and I’m looking forward to see what he can do in All Elite Wrestling going forward. I thought Rhodes and Brodie had a really solid match tonight as well. All Out was a disappointment and AEW was able to follow it up with a good show this week.