Bully Ray Says That AEW’s Lance Archer Has Not Been “used in his wheelhouse for a while”


The WWE Hall of Famer talks how AEW need to start using Lance Archer properly

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed AEW‘s ALL OUT PPV. Bully Ray would mention a number of topics from the show, including the winner of the Casino Battle Royale and Matt Hardy‘s potential concussion.

AEW held their ALL OUT event this past weekend from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. The PPV was notable for a number of reasons, some unwanted, such as the aforementioned Matt Hardy fall.

The Casino Battle Royale during the show determined a new number 1 contender to the AEW Championship. The ‘Murderhawk Monster’ Lance Archer won the match and now he is set to take on Jon Moxley at some point in the future.

Bully Ray on Lance Archer

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“No doubt the right guy won, 100%” Bully Ray began on Busted Open, discussing the Battle Royale match. “Lance Archer. In my opinion? He has not been used in his wheelhouse for a while. When you call yourself the MurderHawk? Nobody should be standing after you plough through everybody.”

Bully Ray would then discuss why Lance Archer and Jon Moxley will be a good main event feud for AEW going forward. The tag team wrestling legend would say how Moxley is a strong babyface with the audience fully behind him.

“I hope they can get back on track [with Lance Archer]. Because when you have a champion like Moxley? Okay, I want to see Moxley sell. I know Moxley can do all his stuff with his CZW-esque style matches and his toys…but? I know he can wrestle also. Jon doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles to work as he can have a great wrestling match that we’re emotionally involved in. Because? We [the audience] genuinely like Jon Moxley.”

Do you agree with Bully Ray? Do you think this’ll be a great feud in the AEW main event scene going forward? Let us know in the comments

Bully Ray
Bully Ray