Bully Ray Talks Risks of ‘Breaking Up’ NXT’s Undisputed Era


The WWE Hall of Famer talks the potential break up of NXT's biggest faction

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed NXT‘s Undisputed Era. Bully Ray noted how the group seems to be taking different creative paths on NXT television, with ‘leader’ Adam Cole showing more babyface-like tendencies recently.

Adam Cole is the star of the show over there when it comes to the Undisputed Era in my eyes” Bully Ray began on the show. “What I saw last night from Kyle O’Reilly? I dug. I think branching off (Bobby) Fish and Roderick Strong as a tag team? Not a bad idea.”

Bully Ray on Splitting Up Undisputed Era

Bully Ray would then discuss the ‘risks’ of splitting up the group, with Cole leaving and the other three members attempting to get ahead on their own. “It’s gonna…it’s just gonna depend on whether or not these guys can get over on their own. Now, here’s the problem I see, not necessarily a problem but a challenge for the rest of the Undisputed Era. We can agree that Adam Cole is the over guy, he’s the standout star in the group. So now the other three guys have to somehow get over without the reaction of people [live].”

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Bully Ray elaborated further, saying “they were related to the Undisputed Era, now they have to carve out their own identities. I think it’s going to be really up to NXT to come up with some good creative stuff for these guys and help them get over. The same way NXT helped like an Io Shirai get over with the packages that they put together for her.”

Bully would then reference his previous comments about Jeremy Borash, saying how the former TNA backstage producer brings out the best in Superstars with his video packages. “I always put over Jeremy Borash for the great work he does behind the scenes at NXT. With all of the packages, especially the Io one.”

Bully Ray would finish by saying that Fish, Strong and O’Reilly will need to get their personalities across if they’re going to succeed in the company. “We’re gonna have to see some good stuff for the rest of those Undisputed Era guys. Can they go in the ring and wrestle and get the job done? Absolutely. But you know what? Wrestling for the sake of wrestling doesn’t get you over to the moon and doesn’t make you a millionaire. You need that character, you need that personality. You need to be able to talk, you need to elicit emotion.”

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