Drew McIntyre Says The ThunderDome Is A ‘Difference Maker’ For WWE


Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has opened up about WWE's ThunderDome, labeling it a "difference maker" for fans and Superstars.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has opened up about WWE‘s ThunderDome, believing the state-of-the-art production setup to be a “difference maker” for the company.

Speaking with PWInsider, McIntyre explained how the ThunderDome provides the kind of “big feel” fans and Superstars expect of WWE:

“When I first came out, on the first Raw in the ThunderDome and I raised the Title and freaking fire started going off around me and pyro going off around me, you know I’m still a wrestling fan at heart, I’m just standing there trying to keep a straight face, but in my head I am marking the hell out, man this is really freaking cool.”

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McIntyre then pointed to how the atmosphere for matches has improved as he’s been able to “see faces react” to what’s happening.

“When Randy and I were in that match it was such a difference maker for the emotion and that’s kind of what Randy and I are about, is telling the story, and you really need that feedback from the crowd to kinda dictate where you’re going and feel that emotion.”

He highlighted how the virtual crowd’s input had a significant impact on their bout. McIntyre also acknowledged how his time performing to fans at home has been a learning experience.

“[…] it’s a figuring out process every step we go, you know we progress and our team are so unbelievable and they’re making us look like stars, it feels closer to what you would expect with WWE with the pyro and the lights and those drones flying overhead, so we feel good.”

Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against Randy Orton this Sunday at Clash of Champions. The two will compete in an Ambulance Match.