Eddie Kingston Talks Being Contacted by WWE after AEW Appearance


AEW star Eddie Kingston appeared on this week’s episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast. The independent veteran would discuss a number of topics from his time on the road, working with a number of AEW stars and his tryout with WWE.

“Christopher Daniels calls me up, ‘he goes hey man, we want to bring you back’ Eddie Kingston began on the podcast, discussing how his run began in AEW. “I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ Again, its ‘just a booking’ at the time I’m thinking. [Then] I get a call from the competition.”

On the podcast Jericho would make a disparaging remark about WWE, saying how they only called Kingston because he appeared on AEW television. Even though Kingston would reveal that he got a call from WWE? He made it clear that is wasn’t the first time they had contacted him.

Eddie Kingston on Coaching

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“Well, to be honest to them? They were trying to get me to coach for years. But my thing was, and I told them. I said, ‘I can’t collect the paycheck if I didn’t earn it.’ They were like, ‘what do you mean?’ my thing was, I was gonna go in there, coach, be bitter and angry about coaching and not getting a shot [in WWE].”

“I would have been so bitter and angry. I wouldn’t have done a good job and I would have been detrimental to those kids” Eddie Kingston continued. “So I was like, ‘nah, I’m good.’ And then the call [after appearing on Dynamite]? We’re talking about other things besides coaching. I weighed my options, and I came here [to AEW] and I told a couple people; ‘hey look, the competition hit me up, just letting you know. I’m not begging for a job, It’s very hard for me to play this supposedly wrestling political game.”

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