Eric Bischoff Comments On Buff Bagwell’s Calf Implants


Buff Bagwell did not have a good experience with calf implants.

Buff Bagwell suffered an infection from calf implants he got during his career. He ended up having to have the implants removed due to the infection. This was discussed recently on Eric Bischoff‘s 83 Weeks podcast. Apparently Bagwell took quite the ribbing backstage as a result.

“I remember when it happened, just the ribbing. I mean, I don’t know how Dave Meltzer or anybody else hadn’t heard about this because the entire roster was laughing and talking about it,” Bischoff said. “It took a long time for Marcus to live that down, a long time. Nobody even tried to hide the fact that they were having a great time at Bagwell’s expense by laughing and joking about this.”

“I do remember it, the ribbing he took, I can only imagine how he felt coming back. I think the only reason he was able to come back and work his way through it is because he was so vain he didn’t care. He probably felt at the time that having massive calves was one of the most important things in his life. Maybe the reason he wore long tights is because he felt insecure about his minuscule calves, I don’t’ know.”

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Bischoff and Conrad Thomspon’s comments on Buff Bagwell’s calf implants can be heard in the player below: