Hangman Page Comments On Being Rejected By WWE Early In His Career


Hangman Page recently addressed trying out for WWE early in his career.

Adam “Hangman” Page recently talked about having participated in a tryout for WWE early in his career. Page said he tried out for a spot in the company about 10 years ago but never heard back. According to the former AEW tag champion, he questioned whether there was a place for him in the business after.

“I mean, I guess like when you’re 18-19, you start doing that kind of stuff. You feel so close to the only thing you think matters at the time,” Page said on the WINCLY podcast.

“You think getting that job is the only thing matters and you feel so close, so your so enthused, but then nothing ever happens after you go. And then you get pretty damn depressed about it, and you sort of consider if this is the only avenue to make it in wrestling, and you show up and nothing happens, you start to wonder like, ‘can I even keep doing this? What’s the point?'”

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Not long after this, Page debuted for Ring of Honor in 2011. He would wrestle part-time while working as a teacher for the next 5 years. In 2016, Page was added to the Bullet Club roster, began wrestling in NJPW in addition to ROH, and left his teaching job to pursue wrestling full-time. He signed with AEW in 2019.

The full podcast can be listened to in the player below: