Impact Results (9/22): Cameo Celebrities Support #Heath4Impact


Impact Wrestling 9/22 continued the build to Bound For Glory.

Impact Wrestling continued its build to Bound for Glory on October 24th last night. Would you believe it if we said that Flava Flav, Nancy Kerrigan, and Chuck Norris all appeared on the show? Results and key takeaways from the show are below:

Impact Wrestling 9/22 Quick Results:

  1. Trey Miguel defeated Chris Bey vs TJP
  2. Rohit Raju defeated Trey Miguel (X-Division Championship)
  3. Susie defeated Kimber Lee
  4. Rob Van Dam defeated Sami Callihan
  5. Tenille Dashwood defeated Jordynne Grace

Eric Young vs Eddie Edwards Rematch Scheduled For Victory Road

Eric Young went on another rampage this week. He attacked Cousin Jake and Cody Deaner for no apparent reason other than to send a message to Scott D’Amore, Rich Swann and everyone else that he is an out of control maniac. He hit piledrivers on both Deaners but was eventually confronted by Scott D’Amore. When Young went to attack D’Amore as well, Eddie Edwards came out and fought him off.

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Later in the show, D’Amore booked a rematch between Eddie Edwards and Eric Young for Victory Road on October 3rd. As Edwards was leaving the arena in the closing moments of the show, the lights went out and when they came back on Edwards was on the floor.

Tenille Dashwood Picks Up Main Event Win Thanks To Personal Photographer

Caleb Konley (Caleb now spelled Kaleb) is now Tenille Dashwood’s personal photographer and his distraction allowed Dashwood to hit her finish on Jordynne Grace and come out of this week’s main event victorious.

Dashwood’s new heel persona in Impact plays up her status as an “influencer” on social media. They touted her 1.5 million followers on Instagram frequently on commentary. After her victory over Grace, Dashwood remained in the ring for a photoshoot with “Kaleb”. It should be interesting to see where this new version of Tenille Dashwood goes.

Dashwood took a mean looking Grace Driver during the match as well:

Celebrities Support #Heath4Impact

Someone from Impact Wrestling had a lot of fun with Cameo this last week. In a segment I’m certain many fans found hilarious, Heath made another appeal for fans to use the #Heath4Impact hashtag this week as he continues to lobby for a spot on the roster.

In addition to noting that having Heath in Impact would help “Rhino Conservation,” Heath enlisted the help of many celebrities to deliver messages via Cameo in support of him being hired. Flava Flav, Nancy Kerrigan, Chuck Norris and others all voiced their support for Heath4Impact. Tremendous.

Sami Callihan’s Feud With Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes Comes To An End

The stipulation in this match was that if Rob Van Dam could defeated Sami Callihan then Katie Forbes would be given 5-minutes in the ring with him. RVD was able to secure the victory after Forbes sprayed Callihan in the face with hairspray.

After the match, Forbes began kicking a downed Callihan but the man from Ohio eventually fought back, took RVD out of the picture, and gave Katie Forbes a huge piledriver to end the segment.

On commentary, Josh Mathews noted that this was the end of their rivalry.

EC3 Gave Out Moose’s Phone Number

EC3 “stole” Moose’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship and is threatening to destroy it. Moose has been on a worldwide search but discovered that EC3‘s influence stretches far and wide. This week on Impact, EC3 gave out Moose’s personal phone number and encouraged fans to send him any information that could lead him to recover the title belt. It’s not quite clear what EC3 has planned for this but will likely learn more in the weeks to come.

Tommy Dreamer Gives Brian Myers Advice

Brian Myers was interviewed in the back this week about his loss to Willie Mack last week. Myers pointed out that he had defeated Mack twice beforehand but it was noted to him that he had cheated to do so. This set Myers off and he began throwing things around the room. Tommy Dreamer then entered the picture and told Myers this was no way to act in a new company. Dreamer ordered Myers to clean it up and while the Most Professional Wrestler eventually agreed, some animosity appears to be building between the two.

Dreamer co-hosted the Twitch stream last night and noted that he hired Myers into WWE and wants him to get off to a good start in Impact.

Rohit Raju Retains X-Division Championship

The opening match on Impact this week was a triple threat between Chris Bey, TJP and Trey Miguel. The winner would receive an immediate shot at Rohit Raju’s X-Division Championship. Trey picked up the win in the match by hitting a double-knee on TJP. Raju would then retain his title quickly via a roll-up pinning combination while he had a handful of trunks. Raju was able to escape with his title this time but challengers are lining up for his title.

Susie Continues To Channel Su Yung

Susie appears to be reverting back to Su Yung in recent matches on Impact Wrestling. She broke out several moves from the undead bride’s repertoire in her match against Kimber Lee this week on Impact.

Kimber Lee’s association with Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo may be on rocky ground. Purrazzo attempted to interfere in this match but hit her ally instead. This allowed Susie to hit Su Yung’s Panic Switch for the win.

Kylie Rae Challenges Deonna Purrazzo At Bound For Glory

#1 contender for the Knockouts title, Kylie Rae, was in Susie’s corner for her match against Kimber Lee this week. After Susie’s victory, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo attacked her from behind. Susie attempted to help but got locked in an arm-bar for her trouble. Kylie then tossed Purrazzo out of the ring.

With the champion on the outside, Kylie Rae picked up a microphone and challenged Purrazzo for a title match at Bound For Glory.

Next Week On Impact Wrestling

The following matches have been booked for next week’s show:

  • The Good Brothers vs The Rascalz
  • Johnny Swinger vs Fallah Bah (Winner is John E Bravo’s Best Man)
  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Nevaeh & Havok
  • The North vs Ace Austin and Madman Fulton