Impact Results 9/8: Rich Swann Returns To Confront Eric Young


Impact Results 9/8 featured a tag team title match between the Motor City Machine Guns and the Rascalz.

Impact Wrestling presented a big show last night on AXS TV and Twitch. The show featured a match for the Impact Tag Team Championships and a main event of Tommy Dreamer vs Eric Young.

Impact Results 9/8:

  1. TJP defeated Chris Bey
  2. Brian Myers defeated Willie Mack
  3. Impact Tag Team Championships
    Motor City Machine Guns (c) defeated The Rascalz
  4. Taya Valkyrie defeated Tasha Steelz
  5. Eric Young defeated Tommy Dreamer

Rich Swann Returns, Attacks Eric Young

New Impact World Champion Eric Young kicked off this week’s episode. He was interrupted by former champion Eddie Edwards’ wife, Alisha Edwards. She told Young that because of his attack last week, Eddie can’t even hold their young child. Alisha vowed that Eddie would be back to take back the title soon, however.

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Young then looked to give Alisha a pile driver but Tommy Dreamer made the save. A match was then made between the two of them for later in the night.

Young picked up the victory via a pile driver in the main event. He would continue the attack after the match but Rich Swann returned and limped to the ring area on crutches. He used his crutch to batter the champion and chase him away from the ring area to close the show.

Moose Continues His Search For EC3

Previously on Impact, Moose has told EC3 he plans on destroying the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He just doesn’t yet know how he’s going to do it. Moose has been searching for him but ended up in a rather weird predicament on this week’s show.

Moose traveled to visit his old football coach but it appeared that his coach had been corrupted by EC3 already. The coach told Moose to “control his narrative” and that he had been warned before a series of players in EC3 hoodies made weak attempts to attack Moose.

Things Are Heating Up In Impact’s Tag Team Division

The Motor City Machine Guns gave Wentz and Dez a shot at the tag titles this week. The two teams met at Slammiversary but MCMG said last week they felt the Rascalz deserved a title shot when they know which team they will face ahead of time.

MCMG utilized their innovative tandem offense to score the victory but after the match, things in the tag division got heated. Former champions the North came out and attacked MCMG from behind. The tag champs managed to turn the tables on the North but this only brought out Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. The North and Fulton & Austin then took it to the tag champs. This then brought out the Good Brothers, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows, for the save.

It looks like there are plenty of teams lining up to challenge the champs in Impact’s tag division.

Sami Callihan Has Plans For Debut of The Whole F’N Talk Show

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes announced this week that next week they will debut a new talk show titled The Whole F’N Talk Show. Later in the show, Sami Callihan commented on what he has in store for their debut episode. Callihan said he doesn’t plan on hacking into their talk show, as he did for Katie Forbes’ website reveal before. He does have other plans for the debut episode of their show, however.

Taya Valkyrie Planning John E Bravo’s and Rosemary’s Wedding

On the final episode of Wrestle House last week, John E Bravo and Rosemary became engaged to be married. This week, Rosemary expressed concern about being a demon and getting married. She said she has to resurrect Father James Mitchell to officiate the wedding. Bravo was put in charge of planning the wedding but Taya Valkyrie quickly took these responsibilities from him.

Taya later told both Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz that they will play no part in the wedding which leads to a match between Taya and Steelz on the show.

Taya managed to defeat Steelz without the help of John E Bravo. He spent more time on the phone planning his wedding than he did paying attention to the match. Taya picked up the win with the Road to Valhalla.

TJP Next In Line For X-Division Championship

TJP took on former X-Division champion Chris Bey in the opener this week. Current X-Division Champion Rohit Raju watched from ringside. TJP picked up the victory by countering a sunset flip attempt into a pinning combination. Josh Matthews suggested on commentary that TJP has now put himself in a position to challenge Rohit Raju fro the belt.

Willie Mack Unable To Get Revenge On Brian Myers

The most professional wrestler Brian Myers cut a promo this week. He told Willie Mack that they had just gotten off on the wrong foot. Myers said he paved the way for people like Mack and invited him to come out and shake his hand. Mack preferred to have a match instead. Myers said he wasn’t in his gear (and hadn’t tanned) but Mack didn’t care.

Myers picked up a victory after a low blow and DDT but another match between the two has been scheduled for next week.

Next Week On Impact Wrestling

The following matches have been booked for next week:

  • Brian Myers vs Willie Mack
  • Kiera Hogan vs Taya Valkhrie
  • The Deaners vs Team XXXL
  • The Whole F’N Talk Show