Jim Ross Reveals His Thoughts On Roman Reigns’ Heel Turn


Jim Ross thinks WWE now has a chance to get Roman over

Jim Ross has seen a lot of major wrestling angles unfold over the decades and the legendary wrestling commentator recently revealed his thoughts on one such angle which has been creating buzz- Roman Reigns‘ heel turn.

The AEW star talked about things like the disappointing performance of the Invasion angle after WWE bought WCW, the early days of Brock Lesnar and more during the latest episode of his Grilling JR Podcast.

Discussing Reigns’ recent heel turn and his pairing with Paul Heyman, Ross said that he likes the fit and he explained that the company now has a chance to get Roman over as a viable something:

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“It seems like it’s a fit,” JR said. “At least now they have a fighting chance to get Roman over as a viable something. It’s not, ‘Is he a tweener? Is he a fan favourite? Is he a villain?’ We know pretty much what he’s going to be with Heyman.”

Roman Reigns returned to WWE programming after months of absence during the SummerSlam PPV and he attacked both Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman during his comeback.

The former Shield member then cemented his heel turn by forming an alliance with Paul Heyman and Heyman has since helped Reigns recapture the Universal Championship.