John Cena To Star In ‘Peacemaker’ Animated Series On HBO Max


John Cena has signed on to star in a new animated comedy headed to HBO’s new streaming network, HBO Max.

Cena will star in The Peacemaker, a spinoff series based on the character he is portraying in the new Suicide Squad movie.

Cena wrote on Twitter, “Working alongside James Gunn on Suicide Squad was an absolute masterclass in how to best bring beloved character to life in a new and fun way. I cannot wait for the DC Universe to experience more of absurdity that is The Peacemaker in this new project on HBO Max!!!”

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The 8-episode series will begin production next year. James Gunn (Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy) will write and direct.

The eight-episode series will look at the origins of the Peacemaker character. 

Via Wikipedia:

“The Peacemaker is Christopher Smith, a pacifist diplomat so committed to peace that he was willing to use force as a superhero to advance the cause … Smith later learns that his peace-through-violence efforts were the result of a serious mental illness brought on by the shame of having a Nazi death camp commandant for a father. He believes his father’s spirit haunts him continually and criticizes his every move, even as he tries to live down his past.

Becoming a particularly deadly vigilante who would kill at the slightest notice, he begins to believe that the ghosts of the people he killed, or who were killed in his vicinity, are collected inside his helmet and can offer him advice and commentary.”

In addition to the Suicide Squad movie and this new Peacemaker project for HBO, John Cena recently signed on to host the game show Wipeout on TBS.