Kofi Kingston On Roman Reigns’ Heel Turn, Calls Paul Heyman A ‘Parasite’


Kofi Kingston has shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns' recent heel turn, referring to Reigns' new associate Paul Heyman as a "parasite."

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns‘ recent heel turn. Speaking with ABC6 News, Kingston noted how he always considered Reigns to be “the guy who had all the tools.”

Kingston pointed to how Reigns is not only a movie star but also WWE‘s ‘Big Dog.’ He added how Reigns is “the top dog in the entire yard.” With this success, however, Kingston can’t help but ask himself why Reigns has aligned with Paul Heyman, whom he referred to as a “parasite.”

The New Day member explained how he wanted to speak with Reigns about his recent decision. Kingston stressed how he personally believes Reigns didn’t need to “go that route” and partner with Heyman.

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“With that said, it is still interesting to see because performers, over a period of time, develop a new sense of personality and a new persona that just draws you in,” Kingston said. “I never expected this from Roman, never thought he’d do this in a million years. But here we are.”

Kofi Kingston acknowledged, however, that Reigns’ new attitude will undeniably make people want to “tune in.”

Reigns made his in-ring return last month at WWE‘s SummerSlam event. He soon aligned with Paul Heyman and went on to win the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Payback.