Kyle O’Reilly Wins Gauntlet Eliminator Match, Earns NXT Title Shot


Finn Balor has his next challenger as WWE determined the new #1 contender for the WWE Title that’s held by “The Prince.” 

WWE announced heading into Wednesday’sepisode of NXT that the reveal of this contender, which also marks the third match to be added to the card of the NXT TakeOver event on October 4th, would be determined. 

WWE held a Gauntlet Eliminator Match, which took place in the final 30 minutes of the show. The rules of this match are as followings:

  • Two men will start in the ring
  • Ever 4 minutes, another competitor will enter
  • The only way to be eliminated is via pinfall or submission
  • The last man standing is the winner
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Bronson Reed, Timothy Thatcher, Kyle O’Reilly, Kushida, and Cameron Grimes worked the bout. Kushida and O’Reilly started things off with Reed coming out as the third star and Thatcher as the fourth. Grimes was the last to enter. 

The final two stars were Grimes and O’Reilly battling it out. O’Reilly locked in a heel hook to win the match. 

O’Reilly was victorious, which means he earned the right to challenge Balor for the WWE NXT Title. After the match, Balor and O’Reilly had a staredown to close the show.