Miro Details Why He Believes AEW Is The Best Wrestling Promotion


All Elite Wrestling's Miro has explained what it is about the company that makes it the best wrestling promotion in his mind.

All Elite Wrestling’s newest signing, Miro, has explained why he believes the company is the best wrestling promotion during an interview with Busted Open Radio.

During the conversation, Miro—formerly known as WWE‘s Rusev—highlighted the range of different in-ring styles in AEW. He admitted how he’s been “fascinated” by AEW ever since its inception. Miro acknowledged how he had spent ten years performing in a “bubble” while conforming to the “same style” each time. Coming to AEW, however, has led him to a pro wrestling epiphany.

“I was just into this bubble and at the same style for ten years, and everything outside was like, ‘Well, that makes no sense.’ You’re just pointing fingers, but now, I’m on the outside looking and I finally understand why AEW is the best,” Miro said. “AEW gives you every single style around the world, and when they invite you to come to AEW, they don’t invite you and tell you, ‘Hey, come and change your style to what we want’. No, you come and show your style, doing whatever you’re coming from.”

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He explained how “the old bubble” was like boxing. According to Miro, AEW can be likened to MMA. He highlighted how AEW provides “all styles combining into one and in one show.”

Miro added how this diversity of in-ring styles is what he loves about AEW and why he can’t wait to begin competing.