Miro’s AEW Contract Allows Him To Wrestle For Other Promotions


All Elite Wrestling's Best Man Miro has revealed his AEW contract allows him to wrestle in other promotions, before teasing his interest in Japan.

Miro has revealed his All Elite Wrestling contract permits him to compete for different wrestling promotions. He shared the information during a recent Twitch stream. Furthermore, the former WWE Superstar teased that this clause may lead him to debut in Japan sooner rather than later.

“Despite signing a contract, I am not restricted to AEW alone,” Miro explained. “While I am not going to name any promotions, I’ll just say I’m allowed to work in different countries. Maybe a country where the sun rises? You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Miro shared how competing in Japan has been a lifelong dream of his as a pro wrestler. He added, “Sometimes when God says, Miro you’re going to live all your dreams, you just got to keep the faith.”

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When he was released from WWE, Miro had “zero doubt” he would work in AEW and different places. He stressed how everything is unfolding how he hoped they would.

Reflecting on his release, Miro stated how “things happen for a reason” and that by being able to let go, you can, in turn, accept more.

For him, if you can perform, trust and believe, then “things will align themselves.” All that’s required is patience, which he embraced in preparation for his AEW debut.

Miro was recently revealed to be Kip Sabian’s Best Man on an episode of AEW Dynamite.