Miro Says Getting Released By WWE Wasn’t A Curveball, It Was A Home Run


"I’ve always been happy. Always been happy, just going to work was a bit of a dreadful moment. But now that’s gone, there are no dreadful moments in my life at all.”

“The Best Man” Miro spoke to Chris Van Vliet this week in a wide-ranging interview that spanned nearly 40 minutes. The Bulgarian strongman discussed his “dreadful” experience working for WWE, the directionless romance storyline involving his wife Lana and Bobby Lashley and much more.

Miro was let go by WWE back in April when the company released and furloughed over 30 people. Even though he grew a little concerned when WWE announced the first wave of firings, Miro reveals he was surprised to find out they were cutting him as well.

“I’m waiting outside the veterinarian to get my dogs like shots or something,” he said. “So I was thinking of something completely else when they called me. But who cares, man. Life takes curveballs but that’s not a curveball – that’s actually a straight home run. That’s no curveball that’s a home run for me.”

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Upon hearing that his services were no longer needed by Vince McMahon, Miro gave himself five minutes to let off some anger. That anger quickly changed to excitement, since the coast was now clear for him to join All Elite Wrestling.

“I knew right away where I was gonna go,” said Miro. “And I had no doubts that I was gonna get to AEW because I always admired AEW ever since it came out. And people may not want to admit it but we all watched AEW we all wanted to see what it’s all about.”

There’s much more to the discussion, which you can check out in the video player embedded below: