Shane McMahon Reflects On WrestleMania 33 Match With AJ Styles


Shane McMahon has reflected on his WrestleMania 33 matchup with AJ Styles, sharing how it was a privilege to compete against "The Phenomenal One."

Shane McMahon has reflected on his WrestleMania 33 matchup with AJ Styles during an interview with Cory Graves. Speaking with Graves on his WWE podcast¬†After the Bell, Shane shared how he’s “very proud” of what he and AJ accomplished.

“I think that surprised a lot of people actually because I’m not really known to wrestle in the normal sense of collar-and-elbow tie-up or whatever. I’m learned, again, from Dr. Tom [Prichard] and also from many other things. Can I do it? Yes, and that was part of the story that we got to showcase.”

Shane McMahon revealed how he had been excited about their bout. He believed it was a “good showcase” for Styles, who was “ascending” in WWE at the time before sharing he felt “privileged” to have been able to share the ring with him. 

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“When whoever you’re in there with is appreciative, and you pull it off and you rock it, you get that adulation from the crowd, and you get, more importantly, the respect from the boys. Collectively, I say boys, but the locker room when you come back through. Those are, as you’re well aware as a performer, there’s no bigger drum than that.”

Shane McMahon lost his matchup to AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33. You can see highlights of their bout below: