Trish Stratus Continues To Tease ‘Dream Match’ With Sasha Banks


Trish Stratus has previously teased a match with the Boss

Trish Stratus continues to address a potential match against WWE Superstar Sasha Bans. The trailblazing Attitude Era star appeared on The Bump this week to discuss the women’s revolution movement, her career and much more.

Ever since their interaction in the 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match, fans have speculated the possibility of Stratus and ‘The Boss’ going one-on-one.

Stratus says she loves and respects Sasha Banks. She knows fans want to see them wrestle and finds the match-up intriguing.

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“I mean, do you guys think fans would want to see that? I’m not sure,” she asked sarcastically. “The fact of the matter is that I can’t go back, that’s a proven fact, right? I love and respect Sasha so much. I love her in-ring work. Would I love a taste at that? Yes.

Here’s the thing people have been buzzing about Sasha and I’s interaction at the Royal Rumble.” said Trish Stratus “As a wrestling fan, do I think this is intriguing? Absolutely!”

Earlier this year, Trish Stratus got fans buzzing with a cryptic video she tweeted that included her and Sasha Banks. WWE knows fans are interested in a potential ‘dream match’ between the two women, as seen in the video embedded below.

Would you like to see Trish Stratus returning to the ring for one last match against Sasha Banks sometimes in the future?