Aleister Black On His New Theme Music, Recent Heel Turn


Aleister Black has discussed his new theme music and character change, promising further depth and layers will be revealed in the future.

WWE Superstar Aleister Black has addressed his recent heel turn and new theme music. Speaking with Sportskeeda, Black admitted he loved his new theme as it goes “hand in hand with the new change.”

He confessed how the “bells and whistles” of the theme are still coming. Black noted that the WWE Universe hasn’t “heard it in a complete setting” yet and what debuted was a “rough version.” 

Regarding his character change, Black shared that fans only witnessed 20 percent of what had been planned. He stressed that people need to “give it some time,” hinting that further depths and layers will be revealed in the future.

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Black then turned his attention to his feud with former “Monday Night Messiah,” Seth Rollins. He stressed how he’s not one to complain or see the negatives in a situation. That being said, Black acknowledged he had come to a point where change needed to occur:

  “[…] obviously, you know, it was time for a change. And then obviously when my, I got pushed into the stairs, that was the change that I needed … We’ll see where that takes me.” 

Aleister Black will face off against Kevin Owens tonight on Monday Night Raw. The two clash in a No Disqualification matchup.