Big E Reveals Which Former WWE Star Gave Him His Finisher


Big E talks about the people who have had an influence on his career

After being signed to WWE for more than a decade, Big E finally seems to be ready to take his place in the main event scenes of the company and potentially have a run with the world title.

The New Day member recently appeared on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast where he talked about a number of things and also revealed some of the names which have had an influence on his career.

Big E talked about his early wrestling career and during the interview, he credited wrestling veteran Curt Hawkins for giving him his finisher, The Big Ending:

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“There’s been a lot of people along the way, just people who’ve been there, who’ve helped me like Curt Hawkins. When I was super green, my only finisher I’ve ever used is The Big Ending,

And I remember Curt Hawkins gave that to me, this had to be in 2009. It was called The Body Bag, and he showed it to me.” recalled Big E, “I forgot how we came up with The Big Ending. I remember Darren Young getting in the ring with me a little bit, showing me how to gorilla press.”

The former NXT Champion also talked about the influence former Nexus member Michael Tarver had on his career when he was only getting started with wrestling and was very green.

The SmackDown star revealed that Tarver used to sit down with him and talk about in-ring psychology and E said that the former WWE star gave him a sense of confidence like no one else.