Big E Reveals Which Superstar Was Instrumental For His Current Push


New Day member Big E has revealed which SmackDown Superstar was instrumental in his current singles push.

SmackDown Superstar Big E has revealed which Superstar has been instrumental in his current singles push. Speaking with the Gorilla Podcast, Big E credited Daniel Bryan for supporting and pushing for him behind-the-scenes.

I have to give credit to Daniel Bryan. The idea for the solo run was from him. He’s the reason. Not just, ‘Hey, Big E…’ he’s actually part of the process and he’s the one who said, ‘This is what we should do with Big E.’ It feels like an environment where I do have a voice and I get to do what I want by any means.”

Big E also reflected on his recent feud with Sheamus. He noted how discussions had taken place that would have given him new music and a different presentation:

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“We talked about ‘when is the right time to play it?’ and we never got around to it because I hadn’t been in the arena for a few months because a lot of our stuff happened backstage until we had the match,” Big E explained.

“With SmackDown, we don’t have as many segments to fill. We’re afforded the luxury of being able to do a little more creative stuff.”

He added how he isn’t sure about the creative differences and freedoms between Raw and SmackDown. Big E then noted he is glad to “have a voice” with the SmackDown creative team.