Booker T On If Matt Riddle Fits WWE’s Championship ‘Protocol,’ Riddle Responds


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has shared his thoughts on Matt Riddle wrestling with bare feet and if Riddle meets WWE's championship "protocol."

Matt Riddle has responded to Booker T’s comments stating how “The Original Bro” shouldn’t be wrestling in his bare feet. During a recent episode of Booker T’s podcast, The Hall of Fame, he suggested how Riddle is doing himself a disservice by not wearing wrestling boots.

According to Booker T, the lack of footwear was one of the first things he noticed about Riddle. It didn’t leave a positive impression, as he stressed how “that’s not the look of a world heavyweight champion.”

The Hall of Famer argued how “There is a protocol there” in what makes a Superstar World Heavyweight Champion material. “How many World Heavyweight Champions were bare feet [while wrestling]? How many of them were greater than Superfly Jimmy Snuka?”

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Booker T continued, “I’m just saying if you’re trying to get to the World Heavyweight Championship or Universal championship, there has always been a certain look that you must have. When I’m talking Matt Riddle, I’m thinking from a promoter’s perspective. That’s all I’m thinking about.”

Word of Booker T’s comments clearly made its way to Riddle. The Raw Superstar took to Twitter to share a photo of himself alongside a caption reading, “My face whenever Booker T speaks, also my face when I’m not on the raw survivor series team, congratulations to Sheamus #stallion #wwe #raw #bro.”

Matt Riddle recently lost to Sheamus on Monday Night Raw. Sheamus’ victory means he gets to represent Team Raw at WWE‘s upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view.