Chad Gable Quits Being Shorty G On SmackDown (Video)


Chad Gable says he is done being Shorty G

It appears that one-half of the former NXT tag team champions Chad Gable is done being Shorty G and the former NXT star will not be using the gimmick moving forward.

This week’s episode of SmackDown saw Shorty G losing a quick match to The Freak Lars Sullivan. In the post-match interview with Kayla Braxton at the ringside, the WWE star said that he was quitting.

Producer Adam Pearce reached out to the former champion in the trainer’s room later in the show and asked Gable about his comments on quitting.

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The former American Alpha member then ranted about being tired of lying to people that they can achieve what they want by believing in themself and said that he is done being the Shorty G character.

The former NXT star listed some of his accomplishments as an amateur wrestler and declared that only one man can achieve anything he wants: Chad Gable. You can check out the segment below:

The Shorty G character was introduced in Gable’s feud with Baron Corbin in 2019. Corbin originally called him Shorty Gable as a tease but WWE later decided to adopt the gimmick and they officially changed his name to Shorty G.

Now these segments suggest that WWE is doing away with the gimmick and it would be interesting to see what the company is planning for the future of the SmackDown star.