Chris Jericho Calls Crown Jewel Match The Worst He Has Ever Seen


Chris Jericho says the match between DX and Brothers Of Destruction was the worst he has ever seen

Chris Jericho has seen his fair share of bad matches in his three-decades-long wrestling career but the worst match he has ever seen is fairly new.

The former world champion appeared on Busted Open Radio ahead of the 30-year celebration of his debut on this week’s episode of Dynamite and talked about things like why he decided to join AEW and more.

During the interview, he was asked about the worst match he has ever seen and Jericho claimed that it was the Crown Jewel match between The Brothers Of Destruction and DX:

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“The worst match I ever saw, and here’s your clickbait, was Saudi Arabia, Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs. Kane and The Undertaker. It was such a stupid idea in booking, it should have never happened.

It should’ve been Shawn and Hunter vs. Roman and Seth, and Taker and Kane vs… I don’t know; give me two names of guys. Cesaro and Kevin Owens, whatever you want.” said Chris Jericho, “That’s exciting.””But it’s like, ‘Oh we’ll just go out there and wing it brother,’ that doesn’t work anymore. That old school mentality doesn’t work.”

The match Chris Jericho is talking about took place in Saudi Arabia during the Crown Jewel 2018 event. The PPV saw Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement for one more match.

The whole event had been controversial in the wake of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The match was also criticised by the fans for its poor execution, which was largerly attributed to the old age of the participants.