Colt Cabana: “I’m Not Really The Wrestler Who Thrives In Front of No fans, Maybe Jon Moxley and His Style Is”


The AEW star talks working during the Pandemic era

AEW star Colt Cabana recently discussed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the affect it is having on live pro wrestling. On the Art of Wrestling podcast, Cabana talked about how his style of performance is not attuned to a setting without live fans in the arena.

“I think my wrestling has taken a tad of a hit, you know?” Colt Cabana began on the podcast. “I was just starting to move forward. My last match was this really fun match, you could watch it on YouTube, it was myself and Peter Avalon in Utah.”

Colt Cabana on ‘No-crowd’ Wrestling

Cabana elaborated further, saying “I’d never been to Utah! The crowd for Utah in this match on [AEW] Dark was going crazy for me! I felt this real connection to the fans and something that I have lived off of for years is a true connection to the wrestling fan.”

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Colt would then relay how it felt with the pandemic hitting and the lack of fans being available live in the arena. “I felt the momentum going, ahen we shut down and then when we wrestle? It’s in front of nobody, there are no fans.”

Cabana would finish by making some intriguing comments regarding AEW Champion Jon Moxley. Whilst in context it may be a complement to the Champion, there’s potentially scope to put Cabana in the title picture down the line?

“And I’m not really the wrestler who thrives in front of no fans. Maybe Jon Moxley and his style is. So it’s a perfect time for Jon Moxley to be the AEW champion. But for me? It put me on ice. It put me on ice big time. So if that’s the worst of my worries? It’s fine.”

Colt Cabana
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