Dana Brooke Compares Wrestling In Front of No Fans and ‘Virtual’ WWE Fans


WWE Superstar Dana Brooke recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The newly traded RAW Superstar discussed a number of topics on the show, including her charity work and performing in arenas and buildings with no live fans in attendance.

“I always say ‘never take things for granted.’ But I feel as though now I can look back and say maybe I did a little bit” Dana Brooke began on the show. “Because it was show after show after show on the road travelling night after night after night.”

Dana Brooke on ‘Live’ Crowds

Dana Brooke would then describe the difference in her schedule pre-pandemic and now. “Now only doing it, one or maybe two times a week? And going into an empty arena? The first time I did this, I felt like I’m practising, and then when I’m doing it again I had to come into a mindset where it was ‘okay they’re (the fans) not here with us presently but that red light is on, and there’s cameras all around us.'”

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“I’m doing this for the people on the other side of the television” Brooke would continue. “Knowing that they may have had a hard day at work, maybe they had been let go [from their jobs]? The children are rambunctious at home? This is bringing families together, and this is the reason why I’m doing it. I’m doing it for the people on the other side of the TV knowing that we may be gaining new fans, we have returning fans and we have the loyal fans as well too.”


Dana Brooke would also describe performing in front of the ThunderDome fans, saying how it differs to a live crowd and energy. “So at that point in time? We didn’t have the virtual fans, it was just an empty arena. Now that we have the virtual fans? It’s fun, it’s exciting to see the faces and everybody in the arena. It’s just such a different time.”

The RAW Superstar would finish by saying how she is looking forward to a point in time when the crowds can be let back physically into arenas. “I wish I could go back and be that much more excited for the opportunities that I did have when there were thousands of people in the arena. When that time does come? You best believe that I’m going to take full [advantage] of it, every single night that I’m allowed to do so.”

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