Dominik Mysterio Comments On Wearing A Mask & Becoming “Prince Mysterio”


Dominik Mysterio hopes to become Prince Mysterio one day.

Dominik and Rey Mysterio have commented in several interviews that they hope one day Dominik will wear a mask and use the name “Prince Mysterio”. During a recent interview, Dominik spoke about having future plans to be a masked luchador like his father.

“There’s still talks about it,” Dominik said when asked if there was talk about putting a mask on him in WWE. “We would like to eventually get into the tradition of Lucha Libre, which would be putting a mask on me and taking on the name but I think that’s all down the line in the future.”

“Everyone kind of knows my face and what I look like and the idea of wearing a mask is to hide your identity to be able to go out to places and stuff like that,” he continued. “But I think I could find a unique way of bringing a mask into my character.”

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He continued to say that he would be known as “Prince Mysterio” as “Rey” means “King” in Spanish.

“My long goal would be Prince Mysterio, for me, since “Rey” in Spanish is “King”. So for my character, it would be Prince Mysterio.”

Dominik’s comments can be heard in the player below: