Dominik Mysterio Talks Potential Match With Father Rey Mysterio


Dominik Mysterio talks about the potential of facing his father Rey Mysterio in a match

Dominik Mysterio made an impressive debut at the SummerSlam event and since then he has gone on to wrestle several more matches including a tag match where he got to team with his father, Rey Mysterio.

However, the match which people think will draw big money is a fight between the two family members and during a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, the young star talked about this possibility.

Dominik was asked if he will be willing to step in the ring with his father at some point in future. Replying to it, the WWE star said that it won’t happen anytime soon but he’ll be open to the idea:

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“Yes, most definitely. I think that’ll be — that’s still a long time from now, but I remember all the spankings he gave me as a kid. So, I’m sure our match will come,”

Mysterio also addressed a concern fans have about the age of his father and when asked how close Rey is to retiring, Dominik claimed that he doesn’t feel like the wrestling legend is going to call it quits anytime soon:

“I don’t think he’s been close to retiring yet. He’s always felt really good. His left knee has been through multiple surgeries, and other than that, he’s still going.

And I always ask him because he’ll jump in the ring with me and train, and I’ll ask him, ‘Hey, how are you feeling? You’re feeling good?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I feel great’. I don’t think he’s going to call quits anytime soon.”

Dominik Mysterio also talked about a number of other things like Rey Mysterio‘s match with Fit Finlay at Cyber Sunday 2017, his dream matches and more.