Ethan Page & Joey Janela In Spat Over GCW Trading Cards


Ethan Page called out Joey Janela over a series of GCW trading cards.

Ethan Page noted on Twitter today that he is pulling out of Joey Janela’s Spring Break event this year. He said that his reason for doing so is a series of trading cards produced by Janela’s Game Changer Wrestling featuring his likeness. Page says he did not give GCW permission to use his likeness and has not been compensated for the cards.

Here is what Page wrote on Twitter regarding the matter:

Page had replied to a Tweet of GCW’s promoting the trading cards:

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Joey Janela then responded:

Ethan Page Free Agency 2021

Page was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated about his pending free agency.

“I’m looking to convince Impact Wrestling to sign me to a new house,” he said. “I’m tired of stepping on toys in my living room. My kid needs a playroom in a new house, so I’m trying to change my home life through my professional life.”

He also noted that Impact is allowing him to negotiate with other companies.

“Impact has been amazing. They’re allowing me the opportunity to chat with other companies, and they’re handling this in an extremely professional manner. I’m open to chatting with other people, but my interest is hearing how Impact values me and what they’re willing to offer.”