Finn Balor Provides Update Days After Jaw Surgery


Finn Balor reveals more details about the procedure of his surgery

Finn Balor had recently posted a photo on Twitter confirming a successful surgery for his broken jaw which he suffered during his recent match with Kyle O’Reilly.

The NXT champion provided some details about his surgery in an Instagram post recently and he confirmed that the operation actually took place this past Friday.

Finn revealed in the post that one of the fractures had gone into his tooth. The doctors had to remove that tooth and his jaw was then wired shut to restore his bite and help align the fractures.

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The surgeons then screwed three plates in to fixate the fractures and the former Universal Champion confirmed that no wires were needed after the operation.

What’s interesting to note here is that while WWE has not provided a timeline for Balor’s comeback, the former Raw star himself noted that he is hoping for a quick recovery.

Previous reports have revealed that the company is actually making his injury worse than it is and the current champion is not expected to miss a lot of time.

While an actual timetable for his return is not known yet, the usual recovery time for a broken jaw is six weeks and it would be interesting to see how soon Finn Balor is able to recover and return to in-ring action.

Finn Balor posted this photo to social media on Wednesday, less than one week removed from jaw surgery.