First Look At WWE’s New ‘Capitol Wrestling Center’ Venue


The Capitol Wrestling Center will debut tonight at TakeOver 31.

WWE has provided a first look at the new Capitol Wrestling Center, the newly redesigned live wrestling venue at the Performance Center in Orlando. The name is an homage to the Capitol Wrestling Corporation founded by Jess McMahon in 1953.

“It’s a historic callback to where this all began,” Triple H said to “We gutted the Performance Center and it’s now rebuilt, so it feels like we’re going back to the beginning. To me, it feels like we’re going back to 1953. Just like then, we’re doing something different and new, taking the business to a whole new level.”

Much like the WWE Thunderdome, the Capitol Wrestling Center has LED boards surrounding the ring area with virtual fans. WWE is stating the look will be distinct to the NXT brand, however. Some select family and friends will also be permitted attendance to tonight’s show. Groups will be behind plexiglass, will have taken and passed a PCR test, and be wearing masks.

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Triple H added that the new-look Performance Center will feature the high-tech bells and whistles of the ThunderDome, but with an edgier, darker look that he equated to the ‘ultimate heavy metal soundstage.’

“The Capitol Wrestling Center captures the feel and the vibe of NXT. We will have all the bells and whistles of the ThunderDome, but we’ll keep that NXT feel. It’s edgier, darker and raw—you’re walking into the ultimate heavy metal soundstage.”

“The building is a throwback to Capitol Wrestling, a business that caused a shift in wrestling. That is exactly what we’re planning on doing again, starting today in NXT.”