Gallows And Anderson On If They Are Planning To Retire Anytime Soon


Gallows and Anderson were released from WWE back in April this year

Gallows and Anderson have started a number of new business ventures since leaving WWE and it has made many wonder if this is a sign that their days in the ring are numbered.

The Good Brothers were recently interviewed by where they talked about things like their future business plans, getting released from WWE and more.

During the interview, Gallows and Anderson were asked if the new projects they have undertaken are a sign that they are planning their retirement and the two responded negatively:

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“We are not counting down the days until then. We want to be out there when we’re 50 if we can be. There’s a chance our bodies don’t hold up, so we want this brand that we’re creating now to be the thing that carries us into the next thing.”

The fact that the duo decided to sign with Impact Wrestling and make the company their home base in the US surprised a lot of people because many were hoping Gallows and Anderson to sign with AEW.

When asked about it, the duo claimed that Impact officials put together a very good deal for them and they explained that the company is promoting them as their top stars. You can check out the full interview at this link.