Hangman Page Statement On Joining AEW Tournament


Hangman Page has released a statement.

AEW‘s Hangman Page has released an official statement. The rather official-looking document is printed on branded letterhead as well. It addresses his entry into the AEW World Champion #1 Contender tournament.

“After deep contemplation, about half a bottle of Scratch Bourbon Whiskey, and chucking a dozen watermelons at a red oak out of the back of a pickup, ‘Hangman” Adam Page has decided to enter the single-elimination tournament to decide a number one contender to the All Elite Wrestling World Championship,” his statement reads.

Page then listed off a few of his reasons for entering the tournament including:

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“The tournament could provide ‘Hangman’ Adam Page with his first opportunity to challenge for the AEW World Championship since his catastrophic and embarrassing loss to Chris Jericho at All Out 2019.”

It appears Page dictated the statement to someone and this person was unable to make out some of his comments.

“As a child, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page (unintelligible – the voicemail devolved into a slurred monologue with the occasional yell, followed by two minutes of silence).”

Page then listed what he will be doing to prepare for the tournament. These included the following:

“‘Hangman’ Adam Page will continue to wear a mask while in public, wash his hands, and social distance to avoid contracting COVID-19 to preserve the integrity of his lungs and his character.”

The finals of the tournament will take place at Full Gear. Page’s full statement can be viewed in the Tweet below: