Jim Cornette Labels Johnny Gargano “Wrestling’s Blandest Man”


The outspoken wrestling personality lays in to Johnny Gargano

Former WWE, TNA and WCW personality Jim Cornette recently discussed NXT‘s recent Takeover event on the Drive Thru podcast. Cornette had a number of comments regarding some of the talent on the gold brand, including NXT North American Champion Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano.

Jim Cornette would state that he is huge fan of Damian Priest, saying that he has the right look and skill to be a top guy in WWE. “They started out with one of my favourite talents in the company, Damian Priest. [He was] defending the North American Title against one of my least favourite people in the company, Johnny Sameface (Gargano).”

Jim Cornette on Johnny Gargano

“I wrote down, a new viewer: ‘why is this bad ass fighting this little teenage kid?'” Cornette would continue. “Besides the distraction from the lights? Now we’ve got to look at the the virtual fans? Also the crowd noise and everything that I was getting used to? I’m looking at this, and I’m thinking…when Damian Priest is a top guy on Raw, or SmackDown? There’s going to be footage of him getting the sh*t kicked out of him by this tiny little egg plant.”

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Jim Cornette would go further, saying “when did Razor Ramon go 20 minutes on pay per view with Barry Horowitz? Because that’s exactly the situation here. You got a bigger, better looking, better worker with a top guy size, top guy promo, top guy gimmick? Against a guy who’s a very good technical worker and has no other outstanding characteristic whatsoever?”

Cornette would finish by labelling Gargano, one of NXT‘s top stars, as the blandest man in wrestling. “He’s got that charisma vacuum going where he sucks charisma from those around him. Johnny Sameface: bland, boring, small, tiny white guy that executes all the moves. I love Damian Priest, I couldn’t believe he went 20 minutes getting his ass kicked by wrestling’s blandest man.”

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