Jim Cornette Questions Charlotte Flair Signing with VaynerSports Agency


Cornette discusses VaynerSport's newest star and asks why they've gotten into pro wrestling

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair recently signed with the VaynerSports Agency. The agency is owned by entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk as well as his brother AJ. The agency launched in 2016 and is under the successful VaynerMedia umbrella. Charlotte Flair looks to be their first wrestler that they have publicly represented on their books.

Gary V reacted to the news with a response of “BEEN WAITING TO ANNOUNCE THIS! So pumped!!!” whilst Flair replied, “So excited!!!”

As noted, Flair appears to be the company’s first ‘acquisition’ in professional wrestling. On a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Corny himself would question why the agency would be taking their first steps in the pro wrestling bubble by representing a major WWE talent.

Jim Cornette on VaynerSports

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“If your wrestling agent dealing with wrestling people for you has 30 years of experience in and around the wrestling business? That’s fine” Jim Cornette would begin on the podcast. “But when your wrestling agent starts trying to negotiate a Motion Picture deal…?”

“What I’m saying here…I wish all the best for Charlotte, but does she have to be the canary in the coal mine? The first wrestler they [VaynerSports] represented?” Jim Cornette would continue. “They’ve never talked to any people in the wrestling business and they’re going to start by negotiating with the WWE!?”

Cornette would elaborate further, saying “I’m just…you know that perked my ears up a little bit. But I hope everything works out for the best. I’m sure that they could probably negotiate a wonderful contract for if she was gonna play for the f*cking Chicago Bears, because they’ve represented a bunch of football players. I’m just trying to figure out why they’re getting into wrestling, and she’s their maiden voyage?”

Do you agree with Jim Cornette? Do you think that this could have a detrimental effect on Charlotte’s WWE career? Let us know in the comments